Is Hallmark’s Nature of Love Based on a True Story?

Hallmark’s addition to its Spring Fling program, sees a person fall head over heels in love, while on business. Titled ‘Nature of Love,’ the premise follows a city woman who finds love with an outdoorsy man and faces her fears in the process. The love story is tender, and the people are extremely grounded. Naturally, this makes the emotions seem more genuine. While certain aspects are surely fantastical, overall, the love story is something we could see playing out. Therefore, you might be wondering whether ‘Nature of Love’ is based on a true story. We have got you covered in that regard.

What is Nature of Love About?

‘Nature of Love’ follows the story of a city girl, Katie, who is writing a magazine article about a glamping resort. However, she is not sporty in the least and is terrified of the camp activities. An outdoorsy man named Will steps in and helps her face her fears. The rugged individual is not just a nature guide, but he helps Katie find her way in life as well, as sparks fly between the two. Soon enough, the city girl gets used to the country life as love blossoms in an unlikely situation.

True Story Behind Nature of Love:

No, there is no indication that ‘Nature of Love’ is based on a true love story. However, one cannot deny that the trope of a city girl falling for a country boy has existed in movies for a long time. Even going back to classics like ‘Dirty Dancing,’ one can notice a trend where a woman from a sheltered upscale life, falls for a man who’s more predisposed to adventures. Despite being an often-used trope, it does have its roots in reality. After all, we often fall for those who change us or help us discover new sides of ourselves that we didn’t know existed.

For Katie, the discovery comes when Will helps her face her fears. However, some elements remain slightly implausible. While love can blossom in the unlikeliest of places and circumstances, it is not usually the first thing on someone’s mind when they go to write a magazine feature. However, for Katie, the professional takes a backseat to the personal, in ‘Nature of Love.’

While the film might not be based on a true story, Hallmark movies have quite a few ‘feel good’ moments, and ‘Nature of Love’ is no different. Combining a realistic setting to play out a magical tale, the movie depends on time tested stereotypes to portray a love story that sticks with viewers. Just because it is not real, does not mean it cannot be enjoyed.

Moreover, when it comes to love stories, it is good to believe in possibilities, which is what the Hallmark film seeks to do. We put stock in Katie and Will’s stories because it remains remotely plausible. The fact that the characters are painted with broad strokes of reliability makes the entire experience more believable.

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