Where Was The Baker and the Beauty Filmed?


‘The Baker and the Beauty’ is an ABC musical rom-com television series that is sure to melt anyone’s heart. The TV show is an adaptation of the Israeli television series, ‘Lihyót Itáh,’ which is translated to “Being With Her.”  The show follows Daniel Garcia, a Miami man who works at his family’s bakery. His life changes completely when he meets Noa Hamilton, a famous superstar. As the two fall in love, Garcia suddenly finds himself to be in the spotlight regularly.

The Baker and the Beauty Filming Locations

ABC’s ‘The Baker and the Beauty’ is akin to a fairy-tale romance between a celebrity and a normal person. The star-studded love story is set in the even more starry city of Miami, Florida. Thanks to its setting, the show features some truly gorgeous and picturesque backdrops. Viewers can expect tons of sunny, seaside places to appear regularly as the story advances in the background…sorry, foreground. Hence, it is natural for viewers to wonder where ‘The Baker and the Beauty’ might have been filmed.

Carolina, Puerto Rico

This might come off as a major surprise to many. Although ‘The Baker and the Beauty’ is set in Miami, it is not actually filmed in the Floridian city. ‘The Baker and the Beauty’ is almost entirely filmed in Puerto Rico. To be more specific, filming for the ABC series was carried out in Carolina in Puerto Rico. Carolina is located on the northeastern coast of Puerto Rico and was inhabited by 176, 762 people, as of 2010.

For Puerto Rico, ‘The Baker and the Beauty’ had been a massive project, replete with extremely high economic potential. Reportedly, the filming project generated $57 million of investment in Puerto Rico. Filming for the project went on until February 2020, according to local sources. Filming was largely carried out at a production facility.

That is not all. The project ended up generating 1,688 direct jobs and close to 1,200 hotel room nights reservations. Out of the $57 million, $44 million went to Puerto Rican locals involved in the project. Moreover, the Puerto Rican government also provided ‘The Baker and the Beauty’ with sizeable tax credits.

Local governments often use tax credits to lure major productions for filming activities. This is done because filming activities turn out to be great economic opportunities. They also help diversify the local economy. Moreover, tax credits are helpful for producers as they aid in cutting down the filming budget considerably. ‘The Baker and the Beauty’ will reportedly receive a 40% tax credit.

As mentioned earlier, filming for ‘The Baker and the Beauty’ was principally carried out in a movie studio. However, details regarding the on-location filming spots have been scarce. Hence, we cannot tell you the specific filming locations in Carolina where shooting for ‘The Baker and the Beauty’ took place.

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