10 Best Conspiracy Theory Documentaries on Netflix Right Now

Time moves fast, and things keep happening at an equal rate. Consider the last century. We came on the verge of destroying a world twice, saving it ourselves only by a close margin, landed ourselves on the moon and made exponential progress in every sector. But some, in fact, most, of these things didn’t happen in front of our eyes. It was our government that kept us informed of it. Considering how they mess things up from time to time, it’s no wonder that people don’t trust these people, sitting in high places (where we’ve sent them, by the way), and fabricating all sorts of stories to keep us quiet, to stop us from inquiring further. Such activities only elevate distrust in the public, and this is what gives rise to conspiracy theorists.

Picking up on smallest glitches on the stories propagated by the government, conspiracy theorists try to uncover the truth. If you too have felt a shred of doubt on an event otherwise cleared by the authority figures, if you wonder about the loopholes in their stories, then Netflix has something to engage you. Here’s the list of really good conspiracy theory documentaries on Netflix that are available to stream right now. The list also includes 911 conspiracy documentaries on Netflix.

10. Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon? (2001)

People do all sorts of things to win an argument. There are some who even edit the Wikipedia pages to prove that they aren’t wrong, even when they really are! The lengths we go to maintain our pride! Did America do something like this to maintain its own? The Cold War between America and the Soviet Union was a very heated period. Both the countries wanted to outdo each other in not only the arms race but other significant sectors as well. This soon spawned the Space Race. Russia sent the first man to space, sent the first unmanned mission to Moon, and for the time being, it looked like they had won it. And then, President Kennedy declared that by the end of the decade, i.e., before the year hits the 70s mark, America would have sent man to the Moon. And it finally happened in 1969. Looks like someone came close to missing the deadline! But then, did they actually do it? Or was it done to save America’s integrity?

9. Inside the Freemasons (2017)

Apart from the lies propagated by the government, it is the topic of secret societies that grips the imagination of conspiracy theorists the most. In fact, most of the times, they come to the conclusion that the government we see is just a façade and the actual strings are being pulled by these secret societies. Whether it’s true or not is hard to fathom because we often know next to nothing about their societies. (Hence, putting the “secret” in them!) Freemasons are one such society. Tracing its roots back to medieval times, this society has been associated with a lot of things in history. This documentary gives you a chance to get a never before allowed access to the initiation ceremony of Freemasons. Will it be something out of ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ or will it be some usual boring stuff. Find out for yourself!

8. Hitler of the Andes (2003)

There have been many controversial figures in history. The controversy generally arises because while some people support these figures, others don’t hesitate to lash out at them. Hitler was, and never has been, one of those figures. In fact, the world’s interest in him has always been pretty straight forward. Everyone hates him, no arguments on that. Those who don’t, well, congratulations. You must be a horrible person yourself! In the final days of the Second World War, every soldier in the Allied forces wanted to be the one to put a bullet in his head. But, the sneaky son of a snitch killed himself. Now, the question arises, no matter what a douchebag of a person he was, Hitler was a very resourceful person. The case of his doppelgangers is well known. And this is what prompts people to wonder, did he actually die that day? Or was it another doppelganger while the real one escaped and spent the rest of his life god knows where? ‘Hitler and the Andes’ explores this theory by accessing the declassified files on the 11-year-old investigation that looked into this matter.

7. Secrets of Her Majesty’s Secret Service (2014)

Speaking of secret societies, while we are busy trying to figure out the workings of the ones that might simply be the usual fandoms meeting in secret because they don’t want anyone to find out what absolute nerds they are, we are not paying to enough attention to the ones who openly keep secrets from us in the name of keeping us safe. Every country has a secret service and gods know what goes on behind the classified stuff. One of the most acclaimed names on this list is of MI6. ‘Secrets of Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ leads you on a tour where you get to know about some of the most important missions carried out by it.

6. History’s Greatest Hoaxes (2016)

How do you tell a truth from a lie? What is the criterion to determine whether a person is telling a real thing or is just concocting some story to get famous? We need to be more cautious before allowing ourselves to fall for anyone’s tales. While most of the times the lie is easily caught, there are other times when people are so convincing with their stories that the whole world is forced to consider their truth. ‘History’s Greatest Hoaxes’ delves into some of the worst cases where the public was fooled by some very convincing liars. From aliens and Loch Ness monster to Hitler’s diaries, the show gives you a chance to reconsider these truths if you still believe in them.

5. Behind the Curve (2018)

It was six centuries before Christ descended on Earth to save humans from their own vanity that Pythagoras discovered that Earth is round. Whether or not he was the first person ever to realise that is up for debate, but the answer to it will always be unresolved, until we invent the time machine! Scientists, however, didn’t stop at that. They moved on from the theory and invented and discovered a lot of other things that have made our lives as we know it. But there is still a group of people who challenge the round earth theory and want to stick with flat Earth! What’s more interesting is that their numbers are growing. Want to know what drives these people to go against popular belief? Watch ‘Behind the Curve’.

4. The Pyramid Code (2009)

Speak of advanced civilizations and look back into the future. There are some things that still baffle historians and scientists. How could our ancestors have made the things that have stood the test of time without access to the means that we have now? Did they know more than we do? ‘The Pyramid Code’ tries to find answers to some of those questions. How were such huge pyramids constructed and why were they constructed in the first place? (We are not considering the other usual explanations here!) What story do the symbols on their walls tell? What secrets did these civilizations take with them to their graves?

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3. Conspiracy (2015)

‘Conspiracy’ is a docuseries that follows some of the most famous events of history and explores the conspiracy theories built around them over the years. Did Hitler not die in that bunker? Was Robert Taylor really abducted by aliens? Was Pearl Harbour a cover-up? Was the moon landing faked? In twelve episodes, the show tries to find a solid ground for the answers to these questions. All the proofs that support these theories and all the evidence that suggests otherwise is closely examined in order to determine truth from lies. In the end, maybe you’ll have enough to decide what to believe and what not to. Go in with an open mind, that’s all this show asks.

2. Unacknowledged (2017)

Do aliens only exist in sci-fi movies? Do they reside in a galaxy far, far away or have they already infiltrated the Earth like Skrulls? Just because they are aliens, does it necessarily mean we are dumber than them? The list of questions goes on and on. We can argue on these questions, and even question the relevance of them in the first place, but there are others who are absolutely convinced of their presence and know for a fact that they have paid a visit to us time and again. The sites like Roswell are famous for a reason. Dr Steven M. Greer explores the importance and the meaning of these evidence in this documentary called ‘Unacknowledged’.

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1. The Code (2011)

Even if you are not a mastermind programmer or an invincible hacker, you must know that all digital world runs on code. Your Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, even this website and whole Google, for that matter, is basically computer codes. That’s what runs the world now. But these are the codes made by man. What if universe too runs on a specific code? A whole branch of maths is dedicated to the study of patterns, and scientists and mathematicians have often found these codes in nature. The spiral of our DNA matches the structure of a galaxy. The ratio of 22/7 keeps appearing from human bodies to the petals of the flowers. There are specific patterns visible everywhere. ‘The Code’ elaborates on that. It takes you to all the places on Earth that have shown the signs of our connection to the universe on a bigger level. Are you ready to have your mind blown?

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