Curon Filming Locations

If you want to spend your weekend with a good dose of horror, then Netflix’s ‘Curon’ should do the trick. Coming from the Italian slate of the streaming service, the show follows the story of a pair of twins, Mauro and Daria, who return to the hometown of their mother, only to lose her within a few days of their arrival.

As they try to figure out what happened to their mother, they have to delve deep into the history of the town. Some startling revelations are in store for them and things take a creepy turn as the search for their mother intensifies. They find out why she was so adamant about returning to Curon, but most importantly, they find out why she had been so eager to leave it in the first place.

The twins are fish out of the water in the new town that they have familial connections with but is still a very strange place to them. Curon becomes the third protagonist of the story and often becomes so hostile towards the twins that it almost feels like an antagonist. There is a rich history of the place and beautiful locations that are as fascinating as they are dangerous. Where is this place in real life? Where is ‘Curon’ filmed?

Where was Curon Filmed?

One of the most important elements of any teen drama is the town where it is set. Be it the seemingly uneventful town of Hawkins, Indiana in ‘Stranger Things’, the rainy and gloomy town of Winden in ‘Dark’, or the macabre and witchy town of Greendale in ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’, a town is an important character in any supernatural teen drama. ‘Curon’ joins the league of these shows but with a twist of its own. The show has been filmed in Curon, which is a real town in South Tyrol in Italy.

Curon, Italy

While most supernatural shows tend to take their stories to some imaginary small towns that give them the freedom to create their own myths and legends, ‘Curon’ depends a lot on the already established reputation of the real place in Italy. The story was written specifically with Curon in mind, as is evident from just how important the local places and local legends are for the story of the Netflix show.

Most of the locations that we see in the series are real, including the infamous bell tower. But first, about the town. Curon is a real place located in northern Italy. The series presents it in a gothic light, and the task was made easier by the inherent mysteriousness of the place. It is situated in Trentino-Alto Adige, right next to Lake Resia, which is where the Bell Tower is located. Half-submerged in the lake, the tower has its own tales and legends that have been embedded into the local history of the place.

Another important location to feature in the film is the caves that create claustrophobic surroundings in the story. The shooting of these scenes was done at the Gampen Bunker in Passo Palade. Apart from these places, the crew was also spotted filming in Trentino and Bolzano.

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