Where is Netflix’s Cursed Filmed?

For the lovers of fantasy dramas, Netflix’s ‘Cursed’ presents an interesting mix of historical fiction coupled with epic fantasy. Based on the novel of the same name, it follows the story of a young girl named Nimue, who finds herself burdened with the responsibility of a mysterious sword. As we dive deeper into her story, we realize that we have heard this story before but not seen it from such a different perspective.

Blending the Arthurian legends with magic and mayhem, the show also uses some beautiful locations to keep the audience interested in the story. While CGI does play a part in the show, some real-life locations also appear in it. Here are all the places where ‘Cursed’ was filmed.

Where is Cursed filmed?

‘Cursed’ retells the story of the legendary sword with a female character at its core. The story takes place in the kingdom of Britannia under the rule of King Uther Pendragon. To film the series, the crew of ‘Cursed’ set camp in England. Several real locations were used in the series, along with the construction of elaborate sets to suit the purpose. The cast of Cursed was spotted filming in places like Surrey, Cornwall, and Wales.

England, UK

Going back to the medieval era that inspired the tales of King Arthur, the Knights of the Roundtable and the Lady of the Lake required the Netflix series to resort to the locations that could provide that vibe to the TV show. Several locations all over England were used to create the diverse world of ‘Cursed’.

Several scenes in the series depict small towns that often become important locations for the several warring factions. To provide these seats of the stronghold to the characters, the crew of ‘Cursed’ built small town-like sets of their own. A disused army land owned by the Ministry of Defence in Deepcut, near Camberley, was used to create the set of a village. Another similar set was constructed near Frensham Little Pond. These sites sat in for the medieval towns of Hawksbridge and Gramaire, among others.

For some of the forest scenes, especially the ones that flaunt the caves and rocky terrain in the show, were filmed in Tunbridge Wells. The High Rocks was chosen by the production due to the unique atmosphere it provided to the mystical setting of the story. Apart from these locations, the series also employed the Langley Film Studio in Berkshire to film several indoor scenes. The underwater scenes were filmed at the studio in Pinewood.

The tensions in the show rise with every episode and in the final episode of the first season, a clash takes place between all the clans, resulting in a major shift in the power dynamic in all the sections. One of the key scenes focuses on the fleeing Feys who are attacked by the Cumber army. These scenes were filmed at the Holywell Beach in Cornwall. If the location seems eerily familiar to you, then it is because it was one of the most recurring locations in hit British period drama, ‘Poldark’.

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