Netflix’s Code Name: Emperor Ending, Explained: Does Juan Frame Ángel González?

Netflix’s ‘Code Name: Emperor’ (also known as ‘Código Emperador’) is a spy thriller film that revolves around Juan, a detective who finds himself facing an ethical dilemma. The Spanish-language film directed by Jorge Coira dissects the intricacies of espionage and adds an angle of morality that makes the story compelling. Juan attempts to find dirt on politician Ángel González.

However, after learning that González is clean, Juan’s superiors force him to frame the politician. Whether Juan proceeds with the corrupt actions or finds a way to escape the morally muddled espionage world is an interesting journey to explore. Naturally, the film’s conclusion leaves some open ends, and viewers must be looking for answers about the same. In that case, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Code Name: Emperor.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Code Name: Emperor Plot Synopsis

‘Code Name: Emperor’ opens with Juan saving a woman named Wendy from a group of goons. However, Juan’s chivalry was a ruse to use Wendy. She works as a maid for a wealthy German couple. The couple is of interest to the secret service Juan works for. Therefore, Juan uses Wendy to set up hidden cameras in the couple’s house. Meanwhile, Juan’s superior, Galan, assigns him a new task. Juan is told to dig up dirt on the upcoming politician Ángel González.

Juan searches for any illegal activities or interests of Ángel González that can be used against the politician. On the other hand, Juan continues seeing Wendy and learns more about her life. While Juan uses her to understand more about Wendy’s employers, he slowly starts liking her company. Soon, Juan and his team learn that the Germans are involved in the summing of an explosive known as Cobalt-60. Juan discovers that the explosives will be smuggled through Bilbao using his resources.

However, when Wendy learns he is spying on her, Juan’s plan is about to implode. Wendy realizes that her employers are involved in some shady business and tries to flee from them. However, Juan convinces Wendy that doing so will further endanger her life. As a result, Wendy agrees to continue living with the Germans and maintains a facade. Meanwhile, Juan tracks down the shipment of Cobalt-60 and secures the explosives after a lengthy chase. As a result, the German couple is arrested.

In the meantime, Juan learns nothing that can be used against Ángel González. Hence, Galan coaxes Juan into planting evidence against the politician. Juan uses the help of a girl named Marta to honeypot González. He converses with González’s fake profile by pretending to be a girl named Sara. Marta meets González by pretending to be Sara on Juan’s orders. Later, Juan stages an incident where it appears that González attacked Marta. As a result, he is framed for sleeping with a minor and is caught possessing an illegal substance. However, Marta realizes that Juan’s actions are corrupt and flees with the laptop containing the evidence.

Code Name: Emperor Ending: Does Juan Frame Ángel González?

Throughout the film, Juan struggles with his morality as he commits questionable actions for his job. He is initially hesitant to plan evidence against González and frame the politician. However, Juan complies with his senior’s request and plots against González. Juan uses Marta’s help to frame the politician. Moreover, Juan uses evidence against Marta to force her into working for him. As a result, Juan’s morality slides downwards as he gets caught in the spiral of his responsibility and the nature of his job.

Eventually, Juan frames González for sleeping with a minor and using drugs. However, the evidence is seemingly destroyed by Marta. Nonetheless, after recovering the evidence, Juan contemplates whether he should hand the files to Galan. In a meeting, Juan claims he lost the evidence, and Galan asks him to forget the entire mission. Soon, Juan is removed from his department, and Wendy is threatened with deportation. As a result, Juan realizes that Galan is turning the cogs on him to get the evidence against González.

Juan meets Galan once more and decides to hand over the evidence against González. However, he demands to know the motives behind framing the politician. Galan reveals that the political world is carefully balanced. A person like González, who has nothing to hide, could upset this balance. Hence, it is evident that Galan plans on making González a puppet by using the evidence against the politician. Ultimately, Juan hands over the evidence to stop Galan from deporting Wendy. Nonetheless, Wendy and Juan go their separate ways in the final moments.

What Is on the Drive Juan Gives Charo?

During the film’s climax, Juan realizes the difficult position he is in. The detective is stuck between his morality and completing his superior’s orders. Moreover, Juan must protect Wendy from getting caught up in his business. As a result, Juan comes up with a contingency plan. Before meeting Galan, Juan meets Charo, one of the journalists he often leaks scoops to. Juan hands Charo an encrypted hard disk that can only be accessed after 24 hours. It is protected with a password and contains an unknown set of data.

Later, Juan proceeds to meet Galan, where he hands over the evidence against González. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense for Juan to hand over the same evidence to Charo. Moreover, Juan asks Wendy to return to her homeland. Hence, his plan makes even less sense as Wendy is no longer in danger. However, Juan’s plan is finally unveiled in the film’s final moments. The film’s ending reveals that the hard drive Juan gave Charo contains all the details of his spying on González.

During his conversation with Galan, Juan realizes that the evidence against González will be used to blackmail the politician. Hence, Galan would never reveal the sensitive files to the public. Therefore, Juan gives the files to Charo, who will release the sensitive information to the media and press. As a result, the evidence will be rendered useless to Galan, and he will not have any power over González. Moreover, it appears that Juan’s data clear his name from the case and lays all the blame at the feet of the agency he works for. In the end, the hard drive Juan gives Charo effectively foils Galan’s plan.

Ultimately, Juan becomes the force that balances the power in the political world with his clever plan. He also avoids any suspicion by handing over the evidence to one of his trusted allies. Juan wraps up his work as a spy and decides to make a fresh start. Juan likely becomes disjointed with the muddled morality of the world of espionage. Hence, he makes peace with his own ethics by handing over the drive to Charo, leading to the foiling of Galan’s plan.

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