Review: Never Have I Ever Season 1 Episode 6

Taking a break from Devi’s point of view, which tends to stay limited to her most of the time, we get a fresher look of things from Ben’s point of view. He had been introduced to us as the academic rival of Devi. The competition between them keeps both of them on their toes, as they try to outwit each other all the time. Because both of them are geeks, they turn towards the likes of Paxton and Shira to make them look cool.

Between their cutthroat need to be at the top of the class, we also see the moments where they relate with each other more than anyone else. Despite the conflicts with Devi, Ben turns out to be a considerate and understanding person sometimes and is equally surprised when she reciprocates the sentiments. Sometimes. In this episode, the show flips the perspective in his favor, and we see him struggling with the problems that he tries to cover up with his overenthusiastic nature at school.

Never Have I Ever Episode 6 Recap

After thinking that he had built a bridge of alliance with Devi, Ben is surprised when she decides to nuke him at the model UN. He wonders if he said something wrong while he was drunk or if he had imagined their conversation entirely? In any case, he returns home sad and alone. His mom leaves for another retreat, and the plan of going to watch a game with his father and Shira also falls apart.

Interestingly, he gets the chance to meet up with a fellow ‘Rick and Morty’ fan but is like nothing he had imagined and is potentially dangerous. With nothing going according to plan and no friends to cheer him up, Ben finally breaks down. Luckily, it is not in front of any of his schoolmates but Devi’s mother, who takes pity on him and invites him for dinner. Devi, on the other hand, does not welcome his presence in her house.

Never Have I Ever Episode 6 Review

In the sixth chapter of ‘Never Have I Ever’, the rein of narration is handed over to Andy Samberg. Like John McEnroe provides a hilarious subtext to Devi’s story, Samberg adds a thoughtful and sympathetic tone to the life of Ben Gross. Trying to be picture perfect on the outside, we find the teen’s life hollow on the inside. It is only exaggerated by the fact that his house remains empty, with both his parents trying to be good to him from a distance.

He spends his days trying to play basketball, concocting fan theories of ‘Rick and Morty’ on Reddit, and suffering the loneliness that comes with his grand house. His focus on material things like the cars his father owns and the celebrity clients he has was slipped into Devi’s narrative, which gave him the air of a rich, spoiled kid. His need to be better than Devi, or anyone else for that matter, also seemed like something that he felt entitled to.

He is used to getting things done his way; he is used to working alone because he doesn’t think that any of his classmates match up to his intellect. From a distance, he looked like a shallow person who rarely got out of his zone to care about others. An inside look into his life turns around this impression, and he turns out to be a decent person at the core. He is just a kid who longs for the attention of his parents and tries to make up for it by getting attention at the school.

The episode also hints at the dynamic between him and Devi, which keeps shifting from an intense dislike for each other to finding each other far more agreeable than they had imagined. From what it looks like, their rivalry could actually be moving towards something else. Didn’t Fab’s mom say that if a girl likes a boy, she calls him annoying (and vice versa)?

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