Nia Siouxk: Where is the Dance Mom Now?

Lifetime’s ‘Dance Moms’ is a fun and entertaining reality show that features young girls who’ve been trained to dance. They compete across the country as their mother accompanies them, and we experience some of the best possible dance routines. Nia Sioux Frazier and her mother, Holly, are an interesting duo that never disappoints. From the get-go, one could tell that Nia was ambitious and had far greater things in store. Now that she has exited the competition officially, fans need an update about her, and we’re here to give you exactly that!

Nia Sioux’s Dance Moms Journey

Nia is now 21 and has been on the show since the beginning; in fact, she is the longest-tenured dancer on ‘Dance Moms.’ Ever since season 1, Nia and Holly have been consistent on the show. The young star has been doing her best in all the competitions, but unfortunately, she wasn’t among the top dancers. On the show, her mother argued with Aby for butchering her daughter’s choreography. She also thought that it wasn’t up to the mark and did not meet the competitive standard. Moreover, Holly accused Abby of typecasting her in ethnic roles.

However, Nia didn’t let criticism falter her. She had an amazing stage presence and willingness to improve. Her signature step, i.e., a death drop, is admired by many, and she’s perfected her art over the years. She was also a great team player and aced partner work most of the time.
Her lively personality, expressiveness, and eagerness to learn were truly inspirational. In season 7, an episode titled “Ashlee’s Big Decision Part 1,” they broke the news of their exit, which deeply saddened many fans.

Where is Nia Sioux Now?

As per reports, Nia currently lives with her family in Los Angeles, California, where she attends a public university and is about to graduate in 2024. In an interview with Women’s Health, where the theme was “body scan,” Nia was open to discussing how she felt about her body. She revealed that she is open to having a small tattoo because it’s too much of a commitment for her. However, she admits to wanting to get a matching tattoo with her brother. She likes hiking and hot yoga and loves to be dynamic.

She loves seeing her muscles in her pictures because it tells that she works out. She got a recent scar on her chest while wearing tapes for a dress because she had to attend an event, and she warned her fans about doing the same carefully. She also spilled the beans on how Maddie Ziegler pierced her ears with a safety pin, and she never got an infection because Maddie was quite professional. Nia has also been experimenting with her nails and hair; however, she is quite particular about her skincare routine.

Nia is dating Gabriel Hawkins, who attends the same university as her. The two can be seen working out together, going on vacations, staying in luxurious hotels, and truly being couple goals. In addition to that, she is politically conscious and urges her follower to vote, and states the importance of the same. She recently met Vice President Kamala Harris, who also praised Nia for being a leader. They made a reel about climate change and what steps the government is taking to tackle it. Nia also posts about role models that she follows and uses her platform for the betterment of today’s youth.

Nia is also goofy with her fans and loves sharing stories where she embarrassed herself. For instance, during the latest makeup tutorial, she spoke about ripping her pants while dancing, she was quite young back then, but now she looks back at the embarrassing moment with fond memories. Her dog, Tank, also makes an appearance in her videos, whom she grooms and gives special treatment.

She can be seen doing several photoshoots, collaborating with big names in the entertainment industry, getting brand deals, and using her reach in the best possible way. Nia is truly here to make a difference, and she’s doing so by her influence and enlightening her audience with knowledge about the current political scenario. We’d love to see what else she has coming for her and what new places she’ll be going!

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