Where Is Nicholas From Skin Decision Now?

Netflix’s ‘Skin Decision: Before and After’ is an eye-opening reality series that shows us exactly how much physical appearances matter in this world. Although skin and beauty expert Nurse Jamie and plastic surgeon Dr. Sheila Nazarian help their clients feel more comfortable in their own skin through transformative cosmetic procedures, they make sure that they only improve their appearances, not alter it completely. And, in some cases, like in Nicholas’s in episode 2, they merely restore and give people their real looks back.

Nicholas: Skin Decision Journey

Nicholas’s story was as inspiring as it was rage-inducing. The once confident and ambitious male had it all, a stable job, a degree in Psychology, and supportive surroundings. However, that all changed when he got into a car accident on the highway and hurt himself, specifically on the upper half of his head. Then, after he healed physically, he started seeing the effects of his injury, not on himself, but in the way others treated him.

Just because he was an African-American male with scars on his face, he started getting stereotyped. People were telling him that he looked “intimidating” or “gangster.” Everything that he had worked his whole life to avoid being called, he was being called it, and in two years, his confidence crashed. But, now that he is older, he wants to look like his old self again, the trustworthy and inquisitive individual who wasn’t stared at. And so, he met up with Dr. Sheila and Nurse Jamie.

Since it was only about enhancing his features and trying to remove his scarring, Nurse Jamie is the one who took over. Surgery wasn’t needed, just a little push to make his skin clearer was, and so she decided to give him a few injections, fillers, and laser his skin so as to soften the area and make the indents disappear. And, for extra measure, cosmetically fill in his eyebrows to take away the whole “scary look.” This obviously couldn’t all be done in one seating, so it took a while, but it worked.

Where Is Nicholas From Skin Decision Today?

Nicholas is back to his old self again. Yes, he could feel the difference in his behavior and confidence in just a few weeks, but after the whole procedure was completely done, the entrepreneur went to new levels. He no longer sees himself as a “monster” and his spirit now matches his ambitions. Basically, Nicholas Bravo is again on top of the world.

The show did say that he was traveling the world for work, but the truth is, Nicholas left the transportation industry and in late 2019, started to work as a Travel Specialist for his own company/blog Bravocosmopolitan. Reaching new heights and achieving his dreams, that’s who he is, and that’s what he’s proving.

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