What is Nicky Jam’s Net Worth?

Nicky Jam, whose real name is Nick Rivera Caminero, is a singer-songwriter of the genres Latin trap and reggaeton. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on March 17, 1981, to a Dominican mother and Puerto Rican father but moved to Puerto Rico with his family when he was ten years old. He originally went by the nickname “Nick MC,” but changed it to “Nicky Jam” after a comment from a homeless man.

Recording since he was 14, Nicky Jam has been in the music industry for a very long time and has received worldwide attention for his collaborations with artists like Daddy Yankee, Enrique Iglesias, and Plan B, amongst others. If you want to know about his income and net worth, keep reading.

How Did Nicky Jam Earn His Money?

Nісkу Јаm lіvеd іn а hаrd аnd lоw-іnсоmе еnvіrоnmеnt, so he has been working to support his family since he was a minor. He started working in a grocery store at the age of eleven, where he passed the time by rapping about the items he was bagging, which impressed a particular customer who invited him to record with a local indie label. He subsequently signed a contract with the label and hence, began his music career.

In 1994, when he was just fourteen, he recorded and released his debut album Dstinto A Los Demás. While the album wasn’t a hit and didn’t do well commercially, it gained him recognition in the music industry and later on from a few producers as well.

He eventually met one of his idols, Daddy Yankee, and went on to form a duo with him called Los Cangris. The duo achieved massive success with their first album, Los Super Amigos, and proceeded to record another one called El Cartel II: Los Cangris. While in the group, Nicky continued to work on his solo albums and released Haciendo Escante in 2001, Salón de La Fama in 2003, and Vida Escante in 2004.

However, Nicky Jam struggled with his new lifestyle and started substance abuse, which ultimately led to the duo falling out and separating in 2004. After this, he struggled in the music industry, got depressed, experienced legal troubles, and had to work in hotels to make ends meet.

After suffering from a nearly fatal overdose, Nicky Jam turned his life around. He quit drugs, got healthy, started to focus on his music, and even amended his friendship with Daddy Yankee after encountering him on a flight. Soon, the duo was back together and touring. Nicky also collaborated with Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias in 2015, which earned him his first Latin Grammy.

Nicky Jam released the albums Fenix and Intimo in 2017 and 2019, respectively, both of which had great commercial success. Throughout his career, he has released a total of six studio albums, three compilation albums, one mixtape, one reissue, and thirty singles as a lead artist. Not only this, but Nicky Jam is also an actor. You can find him making an appearance in movies like ‘XXX: Return of Xander Cage’ (2017) and ‘Bad Boys for Life’ (2020).

Nicky Jam Net Worth 2020

As of 2020, Nicky Jam has been able to accumulate a net worth of $10 million with the help of all of his albums, the concerts and tours he puts on, and the collaborations he has done.

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