Nicole Martin and Anthony Lopez: RHOM Couple is Planning to Get Married

Image Credit: Nicole Martin/Instagram

Real Housewives of Miami’ has undoubtedly been a captivating and popular show, with its ability to introduce new and intriguing cast members. Among these couples were Nicole Martin and Anthony Lopez, who quickly became a focal point of interest among viewers due to their lavish lifestyle and various other attributes. Given the close-knit nature of the cast, there was ample speculation about the strength of their bond from fellow cast members. So, what exactly is the current status of Nicole Martin and Anthony Lopez’s relationship, and are they still together?

Fate Brought Nicole Martin and Anthony Lopez Together

Nicole, an anesthesiologist, and Martin, an attorney specializing in insurance law, entered the realm of ‘Real Housewives of Miami’ in the fourth season, and their initial appearance on the show was undoubtedly remarkable. Their unique love story began serendipitously in Las Vegas while they were separately vacationing in 2015. The first sighting occurred in the lobby of the Wynn Resort, where Nicole’s friends happened to encounter a group that included Anthony. After their return to Miami, Anthony reached out to Nicole and requested her phone number, ultimately summoning the courage to ask her out on a date. While Nicole initially didn’t express a significant interest, she agreed to the date due to his persistence.

Nicole candidly admitted that, despite her initial reservations, she was completely captivated after their first date. She originally perceived Anthony as a flashy attorney, but as she delved deeper into getting to know him, she realized that he had many layers to his personality. She fell for his intelligence, sense of humor, sarcasm, and resourcefulness. In Anthony’s perspective, he was equally enamored by Nicole. He cherished the fact that both of them were highly ambitious individuals, and their unique qualities complemented each other seamlessly. In an interview, he said, “It’s hard to find someone that wants to see you succeed. I feel like people just don’t want their partner to do well because they want to keep them in a box or they want to keep them in a cage, but I feel like we both give each other the space to spread our wings.”

The couple certainly had their share of enjoyable moments on the show, often being known for their opulent lifestyle and financial success. In one memorable episode during the fifth season, Anthony went above and beyond by lending his private plane to the ladies for a girl’s trip to Florida and even personally piloted the flight. His impressive piloting skills left all the wives thoroughly impressed.

The birth of their son, Greyson, in 2019 was indeed a “game-changer” for Nicole and Anthony, cementing their love and commitment to each other. However, marriage was not a topic the couple felt the need to discuss. Their fellow castmates raised questions and speculated about why Anthony might not be proposing, which Nicole found to be quite problematic. For her, the most crucial thing was their happiness, regardless of marital status. When one castmate questioned having a child out of “wedlock,” Nicole aptly reminded them that in modern times, people become parents in various ways, and it’s not appropriate to pass judgment or question these choices.

Nicole Martin and Anthony Lopez are Planning a Wedding

Nicole and Anthony pleasantly surprised their fans when they revealed their engagement on December 31, 2021 and made it clear that they were still together. This announcement helped put to rest any lingering doubts about Anthony’s commitment. The engagement took place while the couple was on vacation in Aspen with their son. Nicole emphasized that they were both focused on their happiness, and being engaged was a source of great joy for them. She described the proposal as perfect, as it was an intimate and private moment, with Anthony asking the question while they were cuddling in bed together.

Nicole and Anthony have a destination wedding in mind, envisioning a 4-5 day celebration with plenty of parties and fun. They haven’t yet finalized the dates, as they prefer spontaneity and want to do things when it feels right. However, they’ve narrowed down a few potential locations, including Greece, St. Barth, and Saint-Tropez. Their main focus is on enjoying the process and making it a joyful experience. It’s clear that their bond is stronger than ever, and they’ve created a beautiful family together.

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