Who is Night Angel on The Masked Singer?

THE MASKED SINGER: L-R: Host Nick Cannon and Night Angel in the all-new Last But Not Least: Group C Kickoff! episode of THE MASKED SINGER airing Wednesday, March 11 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

Night Angel has been one of the most enigmatic performers in Season 3 of ‘The Masked Singer.’ She’s also come across as an astounding vocalist who’s amazed us every time, with her renditions. Sailing past the group stages, it seems like there is no stopping Night Angel in the Super Nine or the smackdown stages either. While her mask has given many nightmares, the clues have been abundantly helpful in guessing Night Angel’s identity.

Clues about Night Angel:

Night Angel has provided us with several visual and verbal clues in the past. In the first smackdown stage, the evidence did not come as a separate package. Instead, we see the Night Angel’s luggage going through the scanner. It reveals an ostrich, a snow globe with a little Night Angel inside. Moreover, we see a crown and a bee.

Night Angel’s luggage tag reads, ‘Boss,’ and ‘The Bag is Mine.’ You can check out the clue package below.

Guesses about Night Angel:

When it comes to Night Angel’s identity, fans have been sure it is Kandi Burruss, for a while. Several clues point to the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ or ‘RHOA’ star being the performer. First, let us take the most recent clues into account. The ostrich might refer to Kandi’s wedding gown, which was unique due to the 12-foot ostrich feathers.

Admittedly, the snow globe has thrown many fans off, as they’ve tried to link Kandi with snow. However, there is a chance that Night Angel was trying to draw attention to what was inside the snow globe. The miniature Night Angel could refer to a baby, and we know Kandi had a new addition to her family around November. The snow makes sense because it is the holiday season.

While the bee and queen individually don’t make much sense, one can combine them, getting Queen Bee. Beyonce is known as Queen Bee. So why would Night Angel refer to her? Well, Kandi has worked with Destiny’s Child, Beyonce’s former group. There has been a previous clue about her work for Destiny’s Child when she says that ‘Destiny’ led her back to the stage.

Combing through her previous clue packages, several hints point at Kandi being Night Angel. For example, Night Angel states that she started as a teen. Fans know that Kandi got her start in the BET series ‘Teen Summit,’ and joined Xscape when she was a teenager. Furthermore, there have been references to her empire.

Many fans believed the clue to point at the ‘Empire‘ television show. However, the hints are about Kandi’s literal empire. She owns a restaurant called Old Lady Gang in Castleberry Hill. Earlier clue packages have had gangster grandmas, as well as castles and berries, referring to the eatery.

Since Kandi’s relation to ‘RHOA’ is undeniable, Night Angel’s clues have made subtle nods to the show as well. We have seen ice tea being served, and Night Angel has a key to room number two. The latter refers to Kandi joining the show in Season 2, while the former refers to ‘spilling the tea’ on the show. You can check out a tweet where a fan is convinced Kandi is Night Angel.

However, Kandi recently spoke out about her involvement, saying that panelists believed she was a contestant in seasons one and two. Now, everybody thinks she is Night Angel in Season 3. She hasn’t given anything away and asked fans to watch and find out. Check out the tweet below.

Due to confidentiality agreements, Kandi can’t spill the beans, but we are reasonably sure she’s Night Angel. Since she’s also likely to go to the final stages of the competition, we expect more clues, which will help us become certain.

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