Night Teeth Ending, Explained

Netflix’s ‘Night Teeth’ is a sleek and entertaining horror film that tells the story of a war between humans and vampirish creatures that has gone on for centuries in Los Angeles until a truce was reached between the two species. The film begins when one of the vampires, Victor (Alfie Allen), decides to break the truce and claim the entire city for himself. He sends out his paramour Zoe (Lucy Fry) and her friend Blaire (Debby Ryan) to kill all the leaders who had originally forged the peace treaty with the humans.

Benny (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.) is a university student who convinces his older half-brother Jay (Raúl Castillo) to let him serve as a substitute chauffeur for the night. His first clients turn out to be Zoe and Blaire. As the night progresses and the horrors of Victor’s companions unfold, Benny realizes the true nature of his passengers. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Night Teeth.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

Night Teeth Plot Synopsis

In the old days, vampires and humans hunted each other all over the world. In Los Angeles, the war became particularly fierce in the Boyle Heights neighborhood. Following the truce, the vampires had to uphold three rules: not to let the humans know that vampires exist, never feed upon the unwilling, and never enter Boyle Heights without permission. After the truce, vampires became creatures of legend, only appearing in literature and art, where the humans got most of the details about them wrong. Meanwhile, the creatures of the night thrived in secrecy, gaining power, influence, and wealth.

The film never mentions its monsters as vampires, but that’s clearly what they are supposed to be. They drink blood, and the sunlight is deadly for them. At the beginning of ‘Night Teeth,’ Victor is a mid-tier vampire with dangerous ambitions. He also has enough courage and intelligence to develop a plan that can effectively bring down the old-world order and establish a new one with him on top.

For generations, Jay’s family has guarded Boyle Heights against the vampires. Victor sets off a chain of events that will lead to widespread carnage by abducting Maria, Jay’s girlfriend. He knows that Jay works as a high-end chauffeur to pay the bills. Initially, he wanted to use Jay against the five primary vampire bosses, but the latter refused. So, Victor arranged for his mortal enemy to pick up Zoe and Blaire, instructing them to bring him over after all the killings were over. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Benny shows up to get the girls instead of Jay.

Before he meets Blaire and Zoe, Benny’s life has been largely mundane. He didn’t know that the vampires held all the power in the city and that his brother was involved in an anti-vampiric crusade. When he finally finds out the truth, all he can do is to survive. Realizing that he is not Jay, the girls debate what to do with him. Zoe eventually calls Victor and tells him who they have with them. Victor decides to use Benny as leverage against his brother and tells the girls to keep him alive.

As the night progresses and the girls leave blood and destruction in their wake, a romantic relationship begins to form between Benny and Blaire. The latter protects Benny from Zoe’s whims while he saves her from the Night Legion, an ancient organization that has been hunting the vampires for centuries. Meanwhile, Jay and his crew race against time to find Maria and stop Victor before it’s too late.

Night Teeth Ending: Are Victor and Zoe Dead?

Yes, Victor and Zoe are dead. After revealing to Jay that he has killed Maria and has been eating her flesh all this while, Victor quickly subdues his enemy. Meanwhile, after helping Zoe and Blaire survive their encounter with Rocko (Alexander Ludwig) and his gang and another fight with the Night Legion, Benny takes them to Victor’s mansion, the destination of their night-long journey. Zoe is severely wounded, and the sun is coming up. They barely manage to reach Victor’s home while there are still shadows around the house. Knowing that his brother might be in there, Benny wants to go inside, but Blaire seemingly convinces him that the moment he does that, Victor will kill him.

Outside, for the first time since this ordeal has begun, Benny gets to evaluate his options. He puts a rock on the car accelerator and leaves the car right outside before sneaking into Victor’s home. He finds Jay, drugged and placed inside a glass chamber to drain blood from him. However, before he can rescue his brother, Victor finds him.

Seeing Victor has captured Benny, Blaire decides to rebel against her maker, Zoe, and her lover. It becomes evident that Zoe harbors strong — even potentially romantic — emotions for Blaire. Benny takes the opportunity to ram the car through the glass window with the remote control, exposing Zoe to the sunlight and killing her. Victor uses Jay to draw Benny from the sunlight so he can try to kill him. He then bites into Benny’s throat and leaves a large wound, practically sealing Benny’s fate. Blaire tries to stop Victor by stabbing him, but the injuries prove to be ineffective. Eventually, Jay tackles Victor into the sunlight, turning the latter into dust.

What Happens to Benny? Is He Dead?

No, Benny isn’t dead. While he does receive a wound from Victor and comes close to death due to blood loss, Blaire turns him into a vampire by feeding him her own blood. In one of the final scenes of the film, Benny meets up with his brother. With the deaths of the vampire bosses, the world has changed. As Jay warns Benny, everyone will have to pick a side. Although his younger brother is no longer a human, Benny urges him to remember where he came from. It seems that the world is heading toward a war, where the two brothers will be on the opposite sides.

Benny’s body starts to undergo various changes. While sitting at the library, he can suddenly sense the blood coursing through a classmate’s veins. He has already become sensitive to sunlight and started wearing a hoodie while he is outside. Things will further change in the coming months until he transforms into a full vampire.

Do Benny and Blaire End Up Together?

Yes, Benny and Blaire end up together in ‘Night Teeth.’ Since they meet each other, there has been a spark of connection between them that only expands and becomes an inferno as they continue to spend time together. Throughout the night, she keeps him safe from other vampires, including Zoe, while Benny sides with her and the vampires in their fight against the Night Legion. At Victor’s home, Blaire foregoes decades of loyalty toward Zoe to protect Benny. The film ends as a new chapter in Benny’s life begins. Although it’s still a mystery where it will lead him, what is certain is that he and Blaire will have each other wherever they go.

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