Nile Lundgren: Where is the SERHANT Real Estate Agent Now?

Netflix’s ‘Owning Manhattan‘ showcases some of the top real estate agents at SERHANT, offering glimpses into their personal and professional lives. While excelling in their careers, the agents operate at various levels. Among them is Nile Lundgren, one of the most experienced agents and a close ally of Ryan Serhant. His feature on the show highlighted his impressive business acumen. With years of experience handling the most luxurious estates and high-net-worth clients, Nile’s understanding of the intricate nuances of the business made him an indispensable asset to the firm.

Nile Lundgren is One of SERHANT’s Leading Agent

Nile Lundgren faced his first major challenge when he and Chloe had to pitch to a client together. While Nile was confident that such a high-value building would undoubtedly be his, he was stunned when the client chose Chloe instead. Ryan reassured Nile that it was just one business deal and there would be many more opportunities. These opportunities came quickly when he secured the listing for a penthouse in the Central Park Tower, the world’s highest residential tower. Ryan assembled some of his best agents, including Nile, believing that if anyone could sell the penthouse, it would be Nile.

Nile started working diligently to sell the penthouse. He understood that only billionaires—approximately 3,000 worldwide—would be interested in such an estate, and the key to reaching them was through their close associates. With his eye on the $10 million commission, Nile focused on networking and spreading the word about the listing. Recognizing the contributions of agents like Nile, Ryan took them out for a private dinner and gave them gifts to show his appreciation. Nile, in turn, acknowledged the potential for growth alongside Ryan and vowed to sell the Central Park Tower penthouse sooner rather than later.

Nile Lundgren is a Real Estate Tycoon

Nile Lundgren is thriving at SERHANT and has no intentions of leaving. Leading a team of about ten people, they are skyrocketing sales and currently manage around twelve luxurious listings across New York and Florida. After graduating from Trinity College-Hartford in 2008, Nile immediately jumped into real estate and has worked with other top firms such as Compass. In March 2021, he found his place at SERHANT and currently serves as an Associate Broker. With a sales record exceeding $300 million, Nile specializes in the high-end luxury and new development sectors.

Nile is a top-notch player in the real estate industry, and his efforts are widely recognized. He was honored with REBNY’s acclaimed Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE®) designation, giving him an edge over other brokers in the industry. Nile is dedicated to helping other agents rise in the industry through his role as a Sell It Like Serhant Capstone Mentor and hosting his podcast, ‘The Broker That Never Sleeps,’ available on Spotify. He started the podcast in 2010 after two years in the industry, and it remains close to his heart as it allows him to connect with people in similar positions. Prestigious publications like the New York Times, The Real Deal, and Mansion Global have recognized Nile’s potential, seeking his comments on sensitive and prevalent issues in the industry, and his comments have been highly insightful.

Nile Lundgren Dabbles in Diverse Ventures Today

Nile Lundgren has dipped his fingers in various ventures, showcasing his multidimensionality and desire to pursue more. In 2017, he invested in Heli Adventures, a travel marketplace and booking software. Given the company’s success, Nile’s investment has likely seen good returns, aligning with his passion for adventure travel. In 2018, he was offered the chance to be an adjunct professor at Baruch College, teaching Customer Relationship Management. Nile quickly took up the part-time opportunity, finding it highly fulfilling. Although he had to let it go in 2021, it remains a positive experience, and he always looks back on it fondly.

In 2018, Nile also founded Rock the Vibe, a luxury fashion eyewear and apparel brand that remains successful today. Whenever he finds the time, he ensures to keep an eye on this particular interest of his. 2019 was an exciting year for Nile as he got the chance to star on BravoTV’s show Camp Getaway. His appearance on the reality show was so well-received that he instantly became a beloved star.

In September 2022, Nile challenged himself further by starting Lundgren Brothers Corp, a company offering real estate property management services. Although the firm was established only two years ago, Nile has high hopes for its growth and envisions becoming a significant player in the industry.

Nile Lundgren Recognizes the Support of His Loved Ones

In the long time Nile has spent in this cutthroat business, he has come to cherish the friends and family who have supported him. He adores his sister, Dr. Britta Lundgren, a dentist and dental surgeon who also won Miss North Carolina in 2023. Nile takes inspiration from her and is proud of all her achievements, making sure to connect with her frequently. Another significant person in Nile’s life is his partner, Lola Kasher. An entrepreneur, she launched Yuve, a company that manufactures and sells plant-based supplements.

Together, they make a power couple ready to take on New York. The two of them take time to relax and unwind, such as during their vacation to Miami, Florida, during Halloween in 2023. They lounged on beaches, scuba diving, and had as much fun as possible in a few weeks. Lola has been by Nile’s side in all his endeavors, and their relationship has provided them with much comfort and calm. Nile looks pretty comfortable in his personal life, too, and it will be exciting to see what other adventures await him.

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