Nile Lundgren’s Net Worth: How Rich is the Owning Manhattan Star?

Image Credit: Winnie Au/Netflix

While Nile Lundgren has often been referred to as one of the top real estate agents in Connecticut, Florida, and New York over the past few years, there was once a time when he was barely hanging on. That’s because just when this 2008 Trinity College-Hartford graduate decided to relocate to the Big Apple to pursue his dream career in television entertainment, the financial crisis hit. He was thus left with limited opportunities, only for him to resolve to double down as much as possible, unaware it would ultimately lead him to evolve into the utterly successful man he is today.

How Did Nile Lundgren Earn His Money?

It was reportedly back in 2008 itself that Nile attempted to kickstart his career as an entrepreneur, only for it to not at all pan out in the way he’d expected and force him to really face his situation. In fact, per his accounts, he established multiple failed companies, went nearly bankrupt six times, and had debt over $50,000, all the while trying to convince his family he could make it on his own. He then somehow got the idea of embracing his amicable, bright, extroverted personality with his passion for high-end luxury homes/designs and began dabbling into the property industry.

Nile’s first job was actually as a Residential Advisor at Cooper & Cooper in Manhattan from 2009-2011, following which he served as an Investment Broker at Friedman-Roth Realty Corp. for a year. During this period, he was even working as an Asset Manager at his own brokerage, only for him to sadly close its doors in August 2012 while already being an International Sales Executive at GDS International. It was then he spread his wings to land the title of President at Dallien Realty (2012-2015) prior to moving on to be an Associate Broker at the renowned luxury agency Compass (2015-2021).

However, as many already know, Nile was also the star of an original BravoTV show in the midst of it all — he was a notable cast member of the 2019-2020 reality television series ‘Camp Getaway.’ Furthermore, he’d steadily managed to attain such financial independence as well as success. He even decided to co-found a blog named Rock the Vibe in 2018 while evolving into an investor himself. As if that’s not enough, Nile then served as an Adjunct Professor at Baruch College (2018-2021), was a mentor in ‘Sell it Like Serhant,’ secured a spot as an associate broker at the SERHANT agency (2021-present), and grew to become the Principal of his own Connecticut-based property management service organization Lundgren Brothers Corp.

Nile Lundgren’s Net Worth

As a broker, contributor to the Varney & Co’ chat show on Fox Business, entrepreneur, Real Estate Board of New York certified negotiation expert, and host of ‘The Broker that Never Sleeps’ podcast, Nile has definitely managed to amass some significant wealth for himself. After all, considering his 16+ years of experience, it’s no surprise he has closed sales on properties worth a total of over $350 million, resulting in his income from this avenue alone being around $4.5 million. This number comes from the fact that commission in the luxury market is usually 3%, which gets equally split between all the agents before they have to share a portion of that sum with their respective brokerages (10-20%).

Additionally, Nile’s career as an adjunct professor likely earns him an average salary of $1,50,000 per year, his public appearances/contributions that presumably pay him roughly $50,000 a year, and his sales managerial/executive jobs that gain him about $350,000 yearly. On the other hand, it’s difficult to calculate his earnings from his entrepreneurial ventures, podcast, previous reality television stints, plus influential strength as a public figure with more than tens of thousands of followers spread across all social media platforms. Therefore, with all the aspects combined with his possible investments, savings, and lifestyle expenses as a Williamsburg resident with a passion for adventures, film, opulence, plus world travel, we can only estimate this ‘Owning Manhattan’ cast member’s net worth to be in $7 million.

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