Jordan Hurt’s Net Worth: How Rich is the Owning Manhattan Star?

Image Credit: Winnie Au/Netflix

While it’s true Jordan Hurt used to be the Executive Assistant of real estate magnate Ryan Serhant for over five years, he took a much-needed break once COVID-19 struck the world in late 2019. However, little did anybody know back then that he’d soon return to this incredibly lucrative, vibrant industry, this time as an agent himself — as explored in Netflix’s ‘Owning Manhattan.’ It turns out it had apparently been his dream to serve as a licensed salesperson in the property market of New York City, so he took the steps necessary to make it an unwavering reality.

How Did Jordan Hurt Earn His Money?

Although a proud native of Toledo, Ohio, Jordan has never been very open regarding his educational background or precisely when he relocated to New York to pursue his grand ambitions. However, we know he kickstarted his real estate career back in 2012 at the age of 24 in the sales department of the 1973-founded luxury international brokerage The Corcoran Group. Yet he stayed there for a mere 2½ years before getting the opportunity to expand his wings as the executive assistant of ‘Million Dollar Listing: New York’ star Ryan Serhant at Nest Seekers.

Jordan proudly held this position from March 2015 to July 2020, only to realize by the tail end of it that he needed a long, relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. He thus handed in his resignation and followed through with his long-prepared plans to travel across Europe alone — it was a task due to the pandemic, but he was so meticulous he made it work. Whether it be London, Paris, Bordeaux, the Atlantic Coast, several cities around southern Spain, or Italian provinces, he explored them all prior to also spending some time in South America.

Therefore, when Jordan returned to New York around early 2021, he knew he was more than ready to step back into the dynamic world of real estate work again, yet on a much different level. Hence, he secured his license as an agent and joined his former boss’ then-brand new luxury brokerage SERHANT in April — a position he successfully maintains to this day, earning him additional trust. We should also mention it has since become evident that he specializes in new and development projects, all the while bringing an amicable, positive, solution-oriented attitude to the table, enabling him to earn his clients’ trust and close deals.

Jordan Hurt’s Net Worth

Despite the fact Jordan is a loyal, trusted real estate advisor with over 12 years of overall industry experience, he has been a luxury agent at the forefront of it all for just three years. He was a significant part of the buying-selling process before, too, but in a different manner — he was an assistant to Ryan or a member of a team that analyzed property data to come up with comps, trends, plus patterns. In other words, he used to be a salaried employee, yet now his income is solely based upon his ability to close deals — there is usually a 3% commission for each.

The commission gets divided between the buyer and seller agents equally prior to them having to share it with their respective brokerages at anywhere from 80/20 to 90/10 split (in the metropolitan luxury market). Thus, with Jordan personally having over $200 million in sales, his earnings from the same seem to be around $2.55 million (3% of 200 million/2 = 3 million, which then gets an approximate 85/15 split). As for his previous salaried income, the average an executive assistant makes in New York is roughly $84,000 per year, and the average a real estate employee makes is in the range of $70,000 to $80,000.

Accordingly, keeping his experiences in mind, he made about $650,000 in the initial years of his career before evolving into a full-fledged agent, most of which he presumably either invested or saved, only to then utilize to travel the world. Therefore, considering Jordan’s hobbies plus lifestyle as a Downtown Manhattan-based dog dad, world traveler, live music lover, volunteer at the New York City LGBTQ+ Center, and licensed private pilot, we believe his net worth is nearly $2 million.

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