How Are Nimue and Arthur Related?


Netflix’s ‘Cursed’ might be the story about wars, blood, and magic, but it also has romance at its heart. When Nimue’s village is massacred and the responsibility of a magical sword is thrust on her, she finds herself all alone. It is during this time that Arthur, a mercenary she had met only days before her tragedy, rises to the occasion. He not only becomes her protector and confidant, but they also fall in love with each other. While it is great to see two young people fall in love in the face of all adversities, the real story of Nimue and Arthur hadn’t been so dreamy. Their equation was completely different. Here’s all you need to know about them.

How are Nimue and Arthur Related in Cursed?

‘Cursed’ might tell the story of Nimue, but her fate is closely attached to Arthur’s. They are acquainted with each other quite early on in the show, and there are visible sparks between them. We already know that they are going to fall for each other and intertwine their lives in a manner that would eventually bring Arthur just as much in focus as it is on Nimue. In the original version, they were not so intimately connected.

In the legends, it is Arthur who wields Excalibur, not Nimue. The central focus is completely on Arthur and his knights, and Nimue appears as a side character in the story. She is better known as the Lady of the Lake, a mysterious woman whose importance in the story depends on the version you are listening to.

In most versions of Arthur’s story, Excalibur is the sword stuck in a stone. Only a worthy successor of the crown can pull it out of the stone, and because it is Arthur’s destiny, he eventually finds it. There is, however, another perspective of this story. In this interpretation, the sword in question isn’t stuck in a stone, and Merlin doesn’t have much to do with steering Arthur towards it. In fact, the sword is given to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake. She brings Excalibur from Avalon, where it is said to have been forged, and bequeaths its power to Arthur. In return for this, she demands him to kill one of his noblemen with whom she had a blood feud. Arthur hesitates to concur with her wishes. The nobleman, who also holds a grudge against Nimue, acts quickly and decapitates her. For this act, he is banished from the kingdom, and Nimue has to settle with her sad end. But there is such a thing as karma.

The sword wasn’t the only thing that she had given to Arthur. Her foster child, Lancelot, became one of his staunchest allies. He was an unparalleled warrior and one of the most important knights on the Roundtable. However, things got dicey between him and Arthur when Lancelot commenced an affair with Guinevere, Arthur’s wife. When the king came to know about it, he chased after Lancelot, who had to flee to France. When Arthur returned to his kingdom, his nephew had already seized power and his glory days were over.

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