No Limbits Shark Tank Update: Where Are They Now?

Adaptive clothes for people with disabilities are not only rare but unappealing. Thus, most people with disabilities find it difficult to wear regular attire, which isn’t adaptive. Entrepreneur Erica Cole first appeared on season 13, episode 18, to showcase her unique product, which would help people with special needs to wear everything casually outfit with ease.

No Limbits is a company that makes specifically designed adapted clothes for people with amputations. It began as a personal effort but quickly expanded into a business when she garnered quite the attention. Erica returned to ‘Shark Tank‘ in season 14, episode 18, to update the Sharks about her brand. They loved the idea; Erica has been working hard on her brand since then. A lot of things have changed since her last appearance on the show. Well, let’s look at the product and trace the company’s growth, shall we?

No Limbits: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Erica Cole, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Iowa, founded No Limbits in 2019. Interestingly, she had no prior expertise in the fashion sector before starting No Limbits, which initially put her off starting her own business. However, Erica never turned around after realizing how her brilliant concept got her accepted into the Target Incubator program. She later joined the esteemed Halcyon Incubator program and the Future Creators Fellowship.

Erica began her career as an Undergraduate Research Assistant at the University of Iowa. After quitting her job at Target, she joined Future Founders as a Fellow. In 2021, Erica joined the Halycon Cohort 14 Fellow. Sadly, she lost her leg in a severe car accident in 2018. When she began using a prosthetic leg, the young woman realized how challenging it is for those using prosthetic limbs to wear regular clothes. Erica was also surprised that such a pervasive problem could not be resolved. Hence, she used her sewing abilities to produce attractive covers for her prosthetic limb and simplify life.

Eventually, the entrepreneur even improved her ideas, adding zippers to jeans for convenience. Erica found the handcrafted adapted clothes to be of immense help, yet she was hesitant to launch a company with the products. After being accepted into the Target Incubation Program, she was inspired to make the risky decision to start her own business. Now, No Limbits produces jeans with leg zippers, enabling those with amputations to alter the clothing to their preference. Besides, the jeans include additional padding to keep the wearer cozy and protect their prosthesis.

No Limbits is Set for Continued Growth

After launching her business, Erica decided to test the waters with a Kickstarter Campaign in May 2021. She received a considerable investment of $14,236 due to the campaign’s overwhelming success. The young entrepreneur dispatched the first batch of goods to her supporters by December 2021 and was further inspired by the excellent feedback she got. Being the solution to a long-standing issue among a particular target market, the product’s reputation quickly developed, and No Limbits soon had a sizeable client base to serve. A pair of adaptable jeans from No Limbits costs $70 and comes in various styles for both men and women.

While the clothing is only offered on their official website, Erica already thinks ahead and has the sensory gear and wheelchair-accessible pants in the works. No Limbits has prospered thanks mainly to her dedication and hard work, and with its rising popularity, the business is set to rise to greater heights soon. The brand received great popularity after its appearance at the topmost fashion event, the Runway of Dreams NYFW ’22. Witnessing Erica’s incredible success is truly inspiring, and we are confident that the company will grow further.

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