Netflix’s No Pressure: Is the Romantic Comedy Inspired by Real Life?

Netflix’s ‘No Pressure’ or ‘Nic Na Siłę’ is a Polish-language romantic comedy film equipped with pristine views of the Polish countryside and a bunch of heartwarming moments. Directed by Bartosz Prokopowicz, it brings a fresh perspective on the classic “city girl meets small-town boy” narrative. It follows Oliwia, a young chef from the city, who receives the news of her grandmother, Halina’s death.

Upon returning to her hometown, she finds out her grandmother hasn’t passed away and that it was a scheme to get Oliwia to take over the farm. She meets Wojtek (Mateusz Janicki), a farmer, and the two hit it off, but he holds a secret that could alter the course of their relationship and the possession of the farm. A definitive romance such as this one could have viewers questioning whether the movie is based on a true story.

No Pressure is a Work of Fiction

Written by Katarzyna Golenia and Karolina Frankowska, the romantic comedy adapts many tropes of the genre and repurposes them in a charming and simple package for all to enjoy. While no elements of ‘No Pressure’ have been directly accredited to real-life incidents or personal accounts, several of its core characteristics are deeply rooted in reality. To start, Halina’s (Anna Seniuk) love for Oliwia (Anna Szymanczyk) is a representation of the love each grandmother has for their grandchildren. Halina has reached the twilight of life and longs to see her only granddaughter.

They had a stable relationship until Oliwia moved out of her grandmother’s village. Halina only seeks to reestablish the bond she used to have with her granddaughter. Instances like this are ever-present within each loving family. Oftentimes, invisible boundaries are created between loved ones through the tireless lives of city work and long distances. Halina’s plan to retrieve her granddaughter may have been over-dramatized, but the sentiments that follow her actions are novel. She knows that the only way Oliwia would make the journey back to the village is if the situation is as dire as her death.

From Oliwia’s point of view, Halina’s death is something that cannot be ignored, as is with any loved one’s death. Her busy life in the city may often numb the sensations of the past, but the joyful memories of her youth cannot be tamed. She must return to say her goodbyes to her beloved grandmother. In a strange turn of events, Oliwia returns to the village only to find out that her grandmother is alive and well. Astonished and thoroughly annoyed with Halina, Oliwia is surprised to find out that she has been handed over the land and the farm. Unaware that this is a scheme by Halina to make Oliwia revisit her roots, she considers selling the land.

As she adjusts to life on her farm, she meets several neighbors who already know of her. Oliwia seemingly becomes the talk of the town as it usually is within closely-knit communities. The film has adeptly captured the essence of these types of communities showcasing their love for the simple life and the bonds people share as it is in real-life villages. This closely-knit commune lives on the resources of the land and comes together in celebration during the harvest, quite reminiscent of the farming cultures around the world.

At the end of a hard day’s work, they don’t shy away from a glass of wine or a few drinks of home-brewed moonshine and the niceties of being one with the outdoors. Unlike the hustle and bustle of city life, Halina’s village redefines the true meaning of community, where being welcomed into someone’s home isn’t a foreign concept. Close-knit communities across the world adhere to the same principles in reality. As Oliwia gets readjusted to her surroundings, she gradually falls in love with this quiet life and questions whether city life is at all for her.

Often when individuals approach a life of tranquility and peace, they get automatically enamored by the simplistic and homely values that place represents. However, the flashy and sometimes chaotic city life that is in stark comparison to the prior usually undervalues a person’s worth in exchange for better opportunities. Apart from being a romantic story, ‘No Pressure’ is a story of a grandmother’s love for her granddaughter. Halina wants Oliwia to revisit her roots and return to where she will be more valued as a person.

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