‘No Time To Die’: Title of New James Bond Film Announced

The upcoming James Bond movie has finally revealed its title as ‘No Time To Die’. Daniel Craig’s final outing as 007 seems to have been named aptly. A short video teaser shows Craig’s Bond walking in a dapper manner before the movie’s title reveals itself. Upon more careful inspection, it is clear that a strong 1970s font is used in the film’s title, suggesting that there might be a nostalgic throwback in Cary Fukunaga’s movie. Perhaps it will be removed from the modern-day trappings and broodiness that the James Bond reboot films championed, and will take us back to the Bond eras that were defined by the likes of Sean Connery and Roger Moore.

For those unaware, there are rumors that Danny Boyle, who was previously attached to direct the project, wanted to kill off James Bond in the end, but others attached to the movie didn’t want to go that route. The creative difference caused Boyle to walk away and the new title feels like a wonderfully crafted passive-aggressive jab at Boyle. It is a promise that although this is Craig’s last outing as Bond, the Bond franchise is nowhere close to being done. Interestingly, this is the fourth time the word ‘die’ is appearing in a Bond title. Moore’s first appearance as Bond was in ‘Live and Let Die’, while Pierce Brosnan played Bond in two movies with the word, namely, ‘Tomorrow Never Dies‘ and ‘Die Another Day’.

The plot description, along with the title ‘No Time To Die’, gives us a hint at a more retro approach to the James Bond story. We will see Bond as a retired agent, living in Jamaica. He is drawn back into active service by Felix Leiter, played by Jeffrey Wright. The mission is to rescue a scientist who has been kidnapped, and Bond’s adventures bring him up against a mysterious villain who is armed with new and dangerous technology. Although, not a part of the official press release, it was confirmed last month that Christoph Waltz is returning to play Bond’s nemesis, Blofeld.

Interestingly, when Craig started to play the part of Bond in ‘Casino Royale’, great steps were taken to modernize the character. James Bond was made cool for the current world with a successful reboot. However, it has been three entries and 15 years since then. Now, many viewers prefer nostalgia once again. Accordingly, ‘No Time To Die’ has been styled to convey the message that some of the grounded grittiness and realism championed by Craig’s earlier films will be eschewed in the upcoming movie. We might get some of the old world charm and comfort that we associate with James Bond films, complete with easy action and witty one-liners. Bond fans must be ready to lose some of the constraints of the modern portrayal of the character, and we have to wait till the trailer drops to see if fans are getting what they want.