Are Nonie and Reese From Marrying Millions Still Together?

‘Marrying Millions’ is a wealth-gap-jumping reality series on Lifetime. It focuses on the trials and tribulations of a couple that has decided to take their relationship one step further – despite their differences and the intense scrutiny that they face from their friends and family. What we’re trying to say is that one half of the couple is rich and the other is not. So, people start questioning whether their relationship is real or if it’s just “love” for wealth and a promise of a different lifestyle.

Season two of this series sees 7 such couples – two returning from the previous season and five new ones joining the mix. And, through it all, they will try to ascertain all their issues and learn to build a bridge between them so as to embark on their much-awaited journey to the altar. One such couple, hoping to create a future together, is Nonie and Reese.

Nonie and Reese: Marrying Millions Journey

Nonie made a name for herself in London, in the fashion world, as a nail technician. And then, she worked her way up the ladder to eventually launch her own business. Her brand is now an international one that enables her to live a life of lavishness, with properties all around the globe, including a few in Seattle, London, and New York. Back in 2018, by chance or fate, she swiped right on Reese on Tinder and somehow ended up falling in love with her polar opposite. Reese, a Seattle native who works as an arborist and handyman, is described to be living in a “skate house” with some of his friends.

When the pair first met, their connection was instant, and soon, they became inseparable. Although we’d heard the phrase opposites attract, Nonie and Reese have proved it. But, fortunately, the stark differences in their work ethics, their way of living, and their personalities don’t seem to affect their romantic relationship too much. Their 17 year age gap, however, is something that comes in between them every now and again. From the trailer itself, we were able to see that before they moved ahead, they had a lot to talk about in regards to the different elements within their age difference and what it could possibly mean for their future together.

Are Nonie and Reese Still Together?

We’re truly incredibly happy to report that Nonie and Reese are still together. And, they seem to be happier than ever. First things first, as soon as you reach Nonie’s Instagram page, you know that she’s taken, after all, she has “❤️@greesemoney” (Reese’s IG handle) in her bio itself. Then, as her feed is full of all the important people in her life, Reese takes up a big chunk of that as well. Most recently, in early August itself, Nonie uploaded the following picture with the caption: “He may be filthy when he shows up, but he shows up every time. ❤️?”

On the other hand, although Reese may not post about Nonie a lot, he does seems incredibly happy to be with her and share a life with her. On the one photo that he has uploaded of her, he has put a lot of love hearts in the caption and included “#bossbitch” in it as a form of affection to possibly show off just how successful his love is. Plus, despite what his IG handle implies, Reese seems rather disinterested in Nonie’s money or lifestyle, so that’s a major point as well.

The couple was only together for 18 months before starring in the series, but now, being genuinely ready to move ahead and spend a lifetime together, it seems like Nonie and Reese have tied the knot. When Nonie uploaded the following picture with the caption, “For richer, for poorer…in sickness and in health. #marryingmillions @lifetimetv August 5th 9pm CST,” she got a lot of comments asking her about their relationship status, and each time, she gave really sly answers. When a commenter asked whether she had eloped, she replied with, “not this week…”, making it looks like they did get married. We can’t wait to see how they move forward now!

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