30 Best Movies With Most Nudity

Nudity in movies has a long history. Right from the year 1915, when director Lois Weber chose to portray an actress naked for his film to the most recent fandom fantasy premiere of ‘Game of Thrones’, nudity has served its purpose in every aspect of filmmaking. With advent of porn films, whatever little inhibitions filmmakers had in portraying nudity were let go. The thought process behind that was that people anyway get to see nudity on-screen, so there should not be a big deal if we show them in conventional movies.  Other factors, such as prosthetics, technology, and better cameras, made it easier to film and execute nude scenes.

Anyway, let’s talk about what today’s article is about: the mainstream movies with the most amount of nudity. The list below primarily comprises of Hollywood movies with the most number of nude scenes and lots of nudity. It does NOT cover documentaries or pornographic films. To the puerile souls that are smitten by the naked body of Kate Winslet in Titanic or nudity in general, here is a list of movies with lots of nudity. Please keep in mind that these movies have been ranked on the basis of their nude scenes.

30. Tiger, Blood in the Mouth (2016)

Not that it is a cinematic masterpiece, but the nudity factor is what pays your money off. And also, to add, there are no tigers involved per se, not at least in their literal sense. An aging boxer Ramon, who once had been a big shot has lost all hopes in his life and career. With his career on a sunset and his wife and kids demanding more attention from him, enter Deborah, a young, fervid, female boxer who is on the onset of her career. They both fall for each other (or rather lust for each other) and what follows is relentless fornication, nude scenes (which are a delight, yes?) and a lot of sexual encounters. For those who are looking for some boxing material, prepare to be disappointed. If you’ve been longing for watching sex in a sports-related movie, this is the one for you. Stream it on Netflix right away.

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29. Killing Me Softly (2002)

A high-profile drama that relies more on sexual measures than the storyline, the film revolves around a woman who abandons her relationship with her boyfriend and ties her hands to a mysterious mountain climber. Although it fails as a film as it progresses, it guarantees high thermal ambiance with Heather Graham’s lumped-up exposure alongside her co-star Joseph Fiennes. And for the most part, Killing Me Softly’ acts as a substitute thriller for ‘Unfaithful’ which released in the same year.

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28. Wetlands (2013)

Well, more than sexuality and eroticism, disgust is the first emotion that comes to mind when ‘Wetlands’ is concerned. To start with, Helen is a young lass who doesn’t believe in hygiene and prefers to sit naked with her genitals on all kinds of trash and has no ambitions in life whatsoever. Recalling her sensual experiences from her childhood and with the apparent trauma of her separating parents, Helen prefers living an out-of-the-box, adventurous life for herself, including exploring all the options for her sexuality. She cuts herself while she’s been shaving her anus one fine day (yeah, you read that right!) and has to go to the ER, where she falls for Robin, a male nurse. With scenes depicting severed body parts, ample nudity, disgusting sex scenes, but yet very minimal mainstream sex, ‘Wetlands’ is one of the weirdest movies on this list. Germans are to blame, huh?

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27. The Concubine (2012)

This South Korean drama went viral at the time of its release because of all the boldness and nudity, which although was purported, but wasn’t expected much. In a literal context, a concubine would essentially mean a woman who lives as a mistress with a man of a higher social status (possibly a king of older times) along with his wives and extended family. ‘The Concubine’ encompasses a similar concept wherein in the Joseon Dynasty, an incumbent prince Sung-won falls for the daughter of a nobleman Hwa-Yeon who, in turn, is in love with a low-born man Kwon-Yoo. WIth sex scenes comprising full and frontal nudity at most of the times, ‘The Concubine’ is often counted as one of the most erotic and sensational South Korean movies of all the time. Not porn at the outset, but extremely sensual and sexy at that.

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26. Basic Instinct (1992)

Catherine Tramell is one of the deadliest characters in history. Period! She is also one of the female characters who heated up the nerves with her sultriness and naked adventures. ‘Basic Instinct’ is one of those movies which could give you the fever and there is no better movie in this list that flamboyantly fondles nudity as it does. The 6 minutes long and raunchy scene between Nick and Catherine is also a major depository of this explicit tale. And who could forget the most paused moment in the history of movies with Sharon Stone baring it all? Or at least deliberately trying to?

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25. Spun (2002)

A fair warning – do not judge the movie’s content from the picture shown above. How crazy could one become after a drug binge? ‘Spun’ has the answer. Its storyline goes like this – a meth addict gets high and visits a strip club, takes a dancer home with whom he already has a relationship with. His hallucinations turn perverse with sexual fantasies as he tries different sex positions with the girl he picked while he ties her naked on the bed and pulls off a complete ’50 Shades of Grey’ on her. I can’t emphasize enough on its abnormalities, but as erotic and intriguing the storyline might seem to you, the more disturbing it actually becomes.

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24. Lust, Caution (2007)

‘Lust, Caution’ has often been called Ang Lee’s masterpiece. A spy thriller at the outset, the movie is set around the assassination attempts of a few top Japanese officials by Chinese adversaries back when Shanghai and Hong Kong were ruled by namesake Governments run by the Imperial Japanese Army. The attempts of these so-called honey traps would comprise sultry women and steamy sex, hence perhaps the presence of the word “Lust” in the movie’s title. More than plain simple sex, the eroticism is sweepingly good and it would be difficult not to be aroused and amused at the same time while watching the movie. Are you ready?

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23. Caligula (1979)

Fun fact – ‘Caligula’ is based on the life of a Roman Emperor of the same name. Produced by a leading Men’s magazine, it is no wonder they haven’t left a lot to all of our imagination. Not only the sex scenes are quite extensive and unsimulated, which is merely a start, but the orgies and the exhibitionism also prove out to be a little extravagant. Caligula is a young prince and the next in line to the royal throne after his venereal-disease ridden great-uncle Tiberius. While Tiberius enjoyed merely watching naked girls frolicking in a pool or in orgies, Caligula has his own “taste”. Replete with the other kind of action, ‘Caligula’ is perhaps one of the pioneers of on-screen nudity without adding or altering the obscenity factor.

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22. Puppylove (2013)

Another misnomer on the list, ‘Puppy Love’ involves neither a puppy nor any love – only lust and borderline incest to begin with. A teenage girl Diane is on an apparent “quest” to explore her sexuality, befriends Julia – her neighbour and has sex with Antoine, one of her another friend. As she continues her encounter with threesomes, Julia flirts with Christian – Diane’s father and that eventually strains the relationship between Diane and Christian when the latter has sex with Diane’s friend Julia. While you can throw the logic out of the window during the movie’s runtime, it would be advisable to keep your senses under your control as there’s a lot of hormonal influx coming your way. ‘Puppy Love’ has to be one of the most sensual movies on this list.

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21. Q (2011)

A French movie at the outset, one can only expect higher than normal nudity as far as ‘Q’ is concerned. Deborah Revy is Cecile, a promiscuous woman who is “on the prowl” looking for relationships and consensual sex. While Cecile finds many-a-partners to satiate herself, another girl Alice is too on a similar path after her recent stints at relationships. While their paths cross, we also witness some extremely steamy sex scenes prior to ‘Blue is the Warmest Colour’, if you know what I mean. Display of genitals is a very common happenstance in the movie, along with unsimulated sex scenes. You may or may not get the gist of the movie, but you would see a lot of naked bodies walking around.

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20. Room in Rome (2010)

Perhaps, this picture speaks a lot more about the film. The 2010 Spanish erotic drama ‘Room in Rome’ centres around two women who get into a serious lesbian relationship that runs for one long night in a hotel room as soon as they get acquainted in their last night of vacation in Rome. One thing I presume is – director Julio Medem would have signed a stern agreement with the two leads during the audition that there won’t be any budget spent on their clothes. Alba and Natasha, who’ve been portrayed as amateurs when it comes to lesbian relationships and sex, have experimented a lot with positions and “methods” if you will, and have tried to explore their sexuality well. The way the movie transpires from being sensuous to explicit almost slips from one’s attention.

19. Intimacy (2001)

‘Intimacy’ pictures the erratic relationship between the couple, Jay and Claire who meet once in a week. Their Wednesdays are willingly enthralling with a tryst that follows their relationship but their vibes become volatile when Jay tries to unfold the truths behind her identity. Mark Rylance’s bare projection of his physical attributes took everyone by storm. A scene where he lets his co-star Kerry Fox to fellate him is probably the biggest revelation I could come up with.

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18. Henry and June (1990)

Long before ‘Kill Bill’ happened, Uma Thurman featured in this steamy lesbian romance-drama which also was the first film to earn an NC-17 rating and that says it all. The Phil Kaufman directed period biography ‘Henry and June’ is a triangular love story that simmers your thoughts with its rawness and magnitude, especially when it starts to highlight the play between Anais Nin and June Miller. A biopic at the outset, the story revolves around Anais Nin who although is married, is in love with Henry Miller – a novelist and also with her wife – June Miller. While Nin is in good terms with her husband too, her attraction towards both Henry and June knows no bounds as she relentlessly pursues them and eventually succeeds in separating them. As dark and intriguing as it sounds, the boldness and the intensity of the sex scenes are essentially few of the highlights of the film.

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17. In the Realm of the Senses (1976)

I am not sure why the movie has been named this way but the movie essentially exploits all the so-called “senses” associated with sex and sexuality. Revolving around Sada Abe, a sex worker in the past, who has been employed as a maid in a hotel in Tokyo, develops a weird physical relationship with the hotel manager Kichizo Ishida. As their physical intimacy turns into a mania, so does their way of making love which becomes exceedingly brutal at a point, easily surpassing what is known as BDSM in today’s lingo. The brutality eventually leads to Ishida’s death while they’re having sex, thus leaving his severed genitalia inside Sada – yes, you read that right. As far as the nudity is concerned, given the premise, you can easily deduce how it is going to be.

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16. Shame (2011)

Often touted as one of the best works of Michael Fassbender, ‘Shames’ revolves around a sex-addict Brandon Sullivan. While Brandon hasn’t found love so far and has never been in a relationship, he has to also pull off a balancing act with Sissy, his sister who has a relationship with David, Brandon’s boss who has been already married. While Brandon shies away from the fact that he’s been addicted to pornography and masturbation, he has a lot of reservations against his sister developing a relationship with a married man, while the former doesn’t seem to have any qualms about it. ‘Shame’ delicately manages to highlight both the sides of a coin – being a sex addict to being involved in an extramarital affair and as you look at it from both of their shoes, they both may seem right. As far as nudity is concerned in the movie, looks like no expense has been spared. It wouldn’t be a folly to call ‘Shame’ as Michael Fassbender’s ‘Nymphomaniac’.

15. Sex and Lucia (2001)

Lucia reads a novel that is written by her ex-boyfriend where she herself plays a part in it. As she rustles pages, her days with her partner; their sexual encounters, relationship endeavours, broken blossoms are all unveiled in this Julio Medem’s erotic drama. The film stays rigid and flamboyant throughout its storytelling along with some fragments of nudity to handcuff the viewers like every other movie of Julio does (one of the other is in the list).

14. Y Tu Mamá También (2001)

The movie’s name literally translates to “And Your Mother Too”. A film by Alfonso Cuaron, the genius who gave us ‘Gravity’, the movie is set in and around Mexico dealing with the lives of teenagers trying to deal with sex, relationships and drugs. The worth-mentioning highlight of the movie is its sex scenes which are explicit in nature and don’t leave you until the movie does. Set in the backdrop of a politico-economic crisis of the late 90’s which triggered a revolution in the country, ‘Y Tu Mamá También’ received universal acclaim for being “carefree” and “serious” at the same time. This movie essentially has to be one of the finest works of Cuaron before ‘Gravity’ happened.

13. Fifty Shades of Grey Series (2015-2018)

Any list on movies with maximum nudity would be incomplete without the mention of this franchise, which sort-of redefined the sub-genre altogether and set a benchmark on what can be depicted in a movie bordering pornography without it being labelled as a pornographic movie. Needless to say here, the premise of the movie is not so important than the execution part of it – meaning the movie doesn’t have a core premise. Christian Grey is a billionaire and the CEO of Grey Enterprises. Anastasia Steele is a student at Washington State University but that’s unimportant. The sex starts as soon as they first meet in the first instalment of this erotic movie series. Christian makes her sign a non-disclosure agreement before initiating any physical relationship and then we get to see his “playful” playroom with all sorts of sex toys and spanking equipment. While initially Anastasia is flabbergasted at the sorts of “experiments” Grey resorts to, she both likes and dislikes his methods of “punishment” which forms the entirety of the movie. The script was thrown into the trashcan after their very first encounter. If you haven’t watched ‘Fifty Shades’ yet, this list would’ve failed you.

12. Anatomy of Hell (2004)

Although most of the nudity and the depicted genitalia has been performed using body doubles and prosthetics, for a 2004 movie, things do seem pretty real. Amira Casar is the lonely woman, who employs a gay man who mostly has to watch her sleep naked in front of him while he sits and gazes at her naked body. Although the man is hesitant to even touch her, they come closer within the stipulated four-day span and consummate their relationship (or whatever it has to be called) by having sex. The man’s role has been played by pornstar Rocco Siffredi who has to identify his own self while sitting in front of a woman’s naked body. Deep, dark and borderline disgusting (with all the closeup of genitals and occasional blood), ‘Anatomy of Hell’ is perhaps one of the most pathbreaking films having maximum nudity.

11. Showgirls (1995)

With ‘so good that it is so bad’ zingers from critic journals, ‘Showgirls’ is a loop woven with provocative sex, stripping, dance and romance routines. But actress Elizabeth Berkley strikes an exception to me as she is the only one whose performance didn’t crinkle me, I will give her that much. On a high note, ‘Showgirls’ is a topless exhibition that can seal all pages of a Playboy magazine.

10. Ken Park (2002)

Rather than calling it a regular teen sex drama, it could be called as a surprise letter that had its notions to the fullest. Unlike ‘Shortbus’ (which is also in this list), ‘Ken Park’ sticks to its motives that are more sickening than only to widespread the graphic sex just to enthral the viewers. It talks about the lives of Californian skateboarders and their time with and without their parents whose families are dysfunctional. Nudity? – It was banned in Australia. Take that for an answer.

9. Love (2015)

Movies take art form. Gasper Noe’s movies take nude form. His 3D adventure ‘Love’ is an erotic drama which starts on the bed and ends in the bathtub. It gives no space for you to think of it as a porno, but leaves every mark of it. The film’s male lead Murphy is a student in a film school and when he says ‘I want to make movies out of blood, sperm and tears’ what could I say about the film? ‘Love’ was screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

8. Shortbus (2006)

Dodge this – ensemble cast, sex, a sex salon, orgasms, orgy, and ample nudity to begin with, ‘Shortbus’ is the name of a sex salon that is in Brooklyn and is attended by people deprived of sexual experiences. Nothing lesser than a hard-core porn showered with nudity, the movie revolves around Sofia who is a sex therapist by profession. As she comes in contact with a gay couple – James and Jamie, she is recommended by the formers to attend Shortbus in Brooklyn. As Sofia attends the so-called “Sex Spa”, she meets new people and develops new intimate sexual relationships. All this when the movie follows a coherent storyline, consistent with Sofia’s character. Although the movie came out as popular only due to its explicit scenes, there’s a bittersweet tale in the backdrop which also deserves its due credit.

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7. Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

Things get fuzzy whenever you sit through a Stanley Kubrick film. It smacks, tricks and f*cks your brain abruptly while Kubrick is busy living his dream. ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ is easily a wonder that will last longer in our memories despite its complexity and this time he smacked us with some nudity. Kubrick’s final directorial venture before his demise, ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ is yet another masterpiece (like all his other movies) and it revolves around Dr William Harford and Alice Harford – a married couple living in the NYC. The film goes on to explore the extra-marital affairs of both William and Alice when Alice admits that she cheated on William once. William commences his night-long adventure of partying all blindfolded and filled with perversion. As the night progresses, William feeds on wild orgies, fantasies and all sorts of sexual encounters, something that’s destined to alter his life in an irreparable manner.

6. 9 Songs (2004)

What’s the best way to open a film which has surplus nudity? There you guessed it!! With an intercourse. And will it take its plunge without controversies? Definitely not. ‘9 songs’ directed by Michael Winterbottom centres the love story of a couple with the aid of 9 songs that are played by different rock bands. The film was highly controversial upon its release due to its unsimulated footages of sex in all forms. Within a quarter of its length, it offers enough nudity to feel yourself inside a strip club (which was also shown in the film). There’s no concealment per se wherever genitalia has been shown and the fact that sex is an inseparable part of the movie yet very limited (happens for 9 times, if I remember correctly), ‘9 Songs’ is easily one of the movies depicting graphic sex in such a massive scale. Perhaps a deeper meaning of the movie could be the nine songs depicting nine different emotions if I am not talking out loud here.

5. Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975)

Italy’s most notorious filmmaker Paolo Pasolini’s terminal push on his filmography came as a picture which can only be read on papers, a picture that gutsy in its depiction of the untold truths of Fascist ruled Italy. ‘Salo or the 120 Days of Sodom’ could easily find its spot in any list where terms like ‘Torture’ and ‘Nudity’ are mentioned. Apart from the extremities of Fascism, Monstrosity, Slavery and Sexual liberation, what it also very apparent is the immense nudity, along with things depicting torture porn. Although the purpose of the film was to arouse the audiences, it certainly has a knack of becoming “controversial and objectionable” and it has succeeded to a very large extent.

4. Antichrist (2009)

Lars Von Trier has long been associated with strange yet sexy movies. A horror movie at the outset, ‘Antichrist’ has all the elements of frightfulness, sexuality, disgust and intensity one can expect of it. The movie begins with a couple who have lost their young child and seek solace in a cabin in the woods where they start experiencing strange phenomena like talking foxes, ticks and mites and everything yucky and of course – sex at different outdoor places in the dark (I often wonder where’s the fun in that). More than the intensity, the sex is brutal, outrageous and violent, bordering on torture and is disturbing to a large extent. Blood and gore also form an essential part of the film. Charlotte Gainsbourg is the poster child of director Lars Von Trier and should continue to be for a long time to come if she continues with the performances similar to that in ‘Antichrist’. William Dafoe has done equally well in the movie as far as performance is concerned.

3. Nymphomaniac: Vol. I & II (2013)

Admit it – we’ve all witnessed this erotic sex drama which is considered one of the boldest mainstream movies by critics and audiences alike. Joe is a self-proclaimed nymphomaniac who narrates her tale full of libido, lust and extensive “torture” sex to Seligman, a bachelor who is in some sort of a mid-life crisis. The movie has been divided into chapters (as in the book) and has been executed extremely well in terms of its characterization and depth, with Joe experiencing and experimenting various “forms” and “nature” of sex with various people rather than sodomizing herself. The second instalment again focuses on Joe who has been trying to regain her lost sexuality while turning to other professions. If torture-porn meets mainstream cinema, the resultant most certainly would be ‘Nymphomaniac’.

2. The Dreamers (2003)

This list is invalid without a Bernardo Bertolucci film. The Italian Conformist is often pronounced as the most controversial filmmaker in history due to his magnified obsession with sex and his NC-17 rated feature ‘The Dreamers’ finely complements that fact to a treetop extent. This film circles the entangled friendship between an American student with a brother and sister duo who are film enthusiasts. Eva Green who plays Isabelle is fervently found naked throughout the film with overdosage served by the other two male actors. Frontal nudity and consensual sex bordering on incest are ubiquitous in the movie. Also, the storyline piles up as the movie progresses and gives an overall dosage of sexiness and intrigue at the same time. Are you ready for this adventure?

1. Blue is the Warmest Colour (2013)

Coming to a movie that has one of the most erotic, arousing, and intense sex scenes in the history of mainstream cinema. ‘Blue is the Warmest Colour’ boasts of one of the longest and most explicit sex scenes that you might have ever witnessed. Revolving around a French woman, Adele who is a student and is in a relationship with a boy studying in her school. As they end their relationship, Adele meets with a blue-haired woman named Emma and is more or less attracted to her. Adele’s gay friend Valentin helps the former understand her true orientation, and Adele and Emma start seeing each other more often, ending up with an elaborate sexual congress. As Emma moves on to build a career for herself, Adele sticks to the guns and is completely smitten by Emma. Eventually, they separate their ways. With ample scenes depicting lesbian sex (and also straight), ‘Blue is the Warmest Colour’ is as good as its nudity factor. A true, raw, intense and sensual movie that would both invigorate and excite you. Are you ready?

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