Obi: Where is Cheat Episode 2 Winner Now?

With Netflix’s ‘Cheat‘ encouraging its contestants to cheat as long as they don’t get caught, we get to witness a lot of interesting strategies throughout the episode. However, fans were quite excited when the show introduced Obi in episode 2, as he seemed well-versed in trivia and claimed he would be able to handle the “punters” without any issue. However, Obi faced some fierce competition, especially from his co-contestant, Anna, and watching them go head-to-head was incredible. However, with the cameras now turned away, let’s find out where Obi is at present, shall we?

Obi’s Cheat Journey

Apart from being extremely confident about his chances of winning, Obi appeared to be a cheerful and down-to-earth individual who claimed he was ready for anything the show wanted to throw at him. Besides, he even had a perfect poker face, which spelled trouble for his opponents, as it would enable him to get away with the perfect lie. Subsequently, in the first round, Obi answered all four questions correctly, although his competitors were extremely unsure of his integrity and accused him of cheating multiple times. However, at the end of the round, Anna had the highest number of successful accusations, and she chose to eliminate Dan, leaving Obi in the game. Meanwhile, the show revealed that Obi had answered three questions correctly while cheating on a single answer.

Obi was unable to shake off his competitors’ allegations even in the second round, as they believed he was cheating on all the questions. However, he held his knowledge responsible for his success and managed to shake off the accusations. At the end of the round, Obi finished with a perfect score yet again, although Anna used her intuition to retain the title of leading cheat hunter. Yet, once the time for elimination arrived, Anna decided to send her co-contestant, Deborah, home, hoping it would add the most amount of money back into the pot. While the decision added 6000 pounds to the total prize money, the show revealed that Obi had answered all the questions independently, making him Anna’s biggest competitor.

Ironically, Anna’s intuition ultimately let her down in the final round, as even though she answered her questions correctly, she accused Obi of cheating. The system revealed the accusation to be false, and Obi managed to walk away with a massive prize amount of 42000 pounds. At the very end, the show mentioned that Obi had only cheated on 10% of his questions throughout the episode.

Where Is Obi Now?

Once filming for ‘Cheat’ wrapped, Obi returned to his everyday life and has seemingly embraced privacy. He prefers to keep his personal life under wraps and even has a limited presence on social media. However, Obi mentioned that he currently resides in the town of Bromley in Greater London, England, where he works as an event bartender. Besides, it seems like Obi has built up a comfortable life for himself, surrounded by his loved ones, and we would like to wish him the very best for the coming years.

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