Yasmina Ossai: Where is Cheat Episode 1 Winner Now?

As the name suggests, Netflix’s ‘Cheat‘ is an exciting game show that encourages contestants to cheat and reach the top. While the premise of the reality series is thrilling, it helped us get acquainted with several interesting contestants, who all had their own strategy for winning. Interestingly, Yasmina Ossai, a professional fashion designer, was crowned the winner in the first episode. Well, with fans now intrigued to learn more about Yasmina, let’s dive in and find out where she is at present, shall we?

Yasmina’s Cheat Journey

When Yasmina came on the show, she appeared nervous and claimed she did not have a good enough poker face to get away with a lie. However, that turned out to be a farce as the show revealed she had cheated on two of her answers without getting caught in the first round. Although her co-contestant, Mark, turned out to be the one with the most amount of correct accusations at the end of round one, he elected to eliminate Devan, and Yasmina survived for another round.

The second round was even more exciting as Yasmina cheated on all four of her answers without getting caught. Although her co-contestants, Mark and Jess, did suspect her on a few instances, she managed to throw them off and ended the round with a perfect score. Eventually, at the end of round 2, Jess was selected as the best cheat hunter. Realizing Mark was a dangerous contestant, she eliminated him, giving Yasmina a berth in the finals.

The final held the most twists as Yasmina cheated on all three of her answers, although Jess could not catch her on it. Surprisingly, when it was Jess’ turn to answer, Yasmina hit her buzzer on the third question and claimed her co-contestant had cheated. This claim turned out to be correct, and as a result, Jess was eliminated and Yasmina received 31,000 pounds as her prize money. Ultimately, the show revealed that 83% of her answers were cheated.

Yasmina Ossai is Leading a Happy Life Today

An alumnus of the University of Leicester, readers will be surprised to know that Yasmina holds a law degree and a Master of Science degree in Business Law and Management Law. In fact, after graduation, she even worked as a Paralegal for a few months before becoming an Executive Assistant at EO Properties Ltd. Moreover, she also worked as a Facilities Assistant at Shakespeare Martineau from February 2019 to February 2020.

However, Yasmina discovered her passion for fashion at a young age and always had her heart set on turning that into her living. Hence, before quitting her career in law, she gathered her experience and launched her fashion brand, Mina Novski, in December 2019. Currently, Yasmina functions as the Creative Director and Head Designer of Mina Novski.

The reality TV star claims that her brand is inspired by the unpredictable nature of life and hints that through her creations, her customers discover their uniqueness while embracing who they are. Besides, while Mina Novski mostly does business online, Yasmina currently resides in London, England, and has built a happy life surrounded by her loved ones.

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