Where is Olivia Cruz From My 600-lb Life Today?

‘My 600-lb Life’ is the popular TLC series that chronicles the weight loss journeys undertaken by morbidly obese participants. Under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Now, the members attempt to lose a few pounds before being greenlit for surgery. While some journeys do end in tragedy, there are numerous success stories where the participants manage to turn their lives around. It makes the show an immense success. Olivia Cruz is one of the members who managed to change towards the positive. So, where is she today?

Olivia Cruz’s My 600-lb Life Journey:

When Olivia was first introduced to the show, she weighed 578 pounds and lived in her mother’s basement. She depended on her family for everything and could not even perform basic functions like showering and walking without assistance. However, she was always concerned about losing weight and even underwent two weight-loss surgeries, including a lap band. Unfortunately, both operations were failures.

After that, doctors in Houston agreed to meet with her and perform a sleeve type gastric bypass. As a result of this procedure, she dropped nearly 400 pounds. Since she lost her weight, she spent a couple of years stuck at around 200 pounds, blaming the lack of progress on her other medical issues. In April 2016, Cruz felt ready to undergo a skin removal surgery but Dr. Now felt she was not motivated to lose the required weight for the procedure. Moreover, she was recovering from her knee surgery at the time.

However, it is clear that she has stuck to the program and put in the hard work to lose weight. You can see a picture she posted which tracks her progress.

Where is Olivia Cruz Now?

Now that Olivia has managed to overcome the setbacks and is well on her journey, she has decided to get back to fulfilling her dreams of becoming a chef. Olivia stated that earlier she had to stop training as she couldn’t stand or move around as she needed to but her weight loss made mobility a non-issue. She picked up where she left off and expressed excitement at what the future held for her. You can see an example of Cruz’s culinary skills below.

She gushed at the prospect of being able to go back into society again to make all her dreams come true. Cruz felt excited at being able to remain as active as she wants without the support of a cane, and without resting her knee. Olivia also expressed joy at being able to make a living after barely being able to move at the start of her weight loss journey. We will leave you with a picture of Olivia looking content with her dog.

In conclusion, she has come a long way from when she started under Dr. Now’s supervision. She can count on her loved ones to encourage Cruz to reach the dream weight. Olivia is motivated to go the distance, and accordingly, she posts inspiring quotes on her Facebook account. Check it out here.

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