One of Us Is Lying Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘One of Us Is Lying’ follows a group of high school students who get embroiled in a convoluted conspiracy after their classmate is murdered. Episode 3 sheds light on many of the students’ dark secrets, and a few hidden friendships are also revealed. We also get to know about Cooper’s struggles, and of Bronwyn’s guilty secret. A lot goes down in the episode, and though we seem to be no closer to finding Simon’s killer, we do have some clues about the other characters’ motives. So let’s dive into ‘One of Us Is Lying’ episode 3 and see what we can find. SPOILERS AHEAD.

One of Us Is Lying Episode 3 Recap

The episode opens on a tense note, on the morning after Addy’s infidelity towards Jake is announced on About That. She quickly falls from grace in school and is forced out of her clique and the cheerleading squad. Addy initially blames Bronwyn. However, a subsequent revelation on the gossip app about how the studious Bronwyn stole exam papers convinces Addy that she, too, is a victim.

Bronwyn then realizes that her sister has been using Simon’s laptop. Upon confronting Maeve, however, it is revealed that she was trying to hack into Simon’s laptop to remove any incriminating information he might have had about the two sisters. Maeve also confesses to Bronwyn that she loved Simon at one point in time.

One of Us Is Lying Episode 3 Ending: What is Cooper’s Secret?

Meanwhile, Cooper also struggles after an announcement on About That claims that he might be using drugs to enhance his athletic abilities. We get to see significant portions of the athlete’s past, and a number of secrets about him are revealed. In a flashback, we also see that Simon knew of those secrets and how cautious Cooper is about keeping them hidden.

Finally, an announcement about Nate claims that he sold drugs to a girl who was already inebriated, which resulted in an overdose. Therefore, the notorious high school drug dealer is painted as a remorseless person who is comfortable killing others, bringing suspicions right back at Nate. The episode closes with Bronwyn calling him at night from her room and smiling.

Episode 3 focuses on Cooper’s past, and we are shown a few different secrets that the athlete is hiding. From what we know, Cooper is in the closet and pretends to be Keely’s boyfriend in school. It is revealed that Keely actually knows about this, and the two have an agreement to keep up appearances of being a couple. Keely benefits from the arrangement because it keeps her “crazy” ex-boyfriend at bay. A flashback shows that Simon knows about Cooper’s sexual orientation as well.

Initially worried about this aspect of him being revealed, Cooper is shocked when the announcement on About That instead reveals that he uses drugs to keep up his stellar baseball performance. The fact that this happens just before Cooper’s big showcase in front of college scouts makes things even worse. It is further revealed that the high school athlete suffers from a chronic shoulder injury and has to consume painkillers secretly.

In addition to all his secrets, Cooper also comes from a relatively modest household and will not be able to afford college until and unless he gets a sports scholarship. Therefore, his motives for wanting to keep his secrets buried (for which he could have killed Simon) are shown to be quite strong.

What Happened Between Maeve and Simon?

When Maeve is initially discovered with Simon’s laptop, she is suspected of being the one behind revealing the students’ secrets. A photograph of her and Simon that Bronwyn finds further points towards a connection between Maeve and the murdered student. When asked about why she scratched Simon’s face off the picture, Maeve reveals that the two formed a connection during the summer break and that she fell in love with him. However, Simon then inexplicably ghosted her, leading to Maeve’s heartbreak wherein she scratched his face out of the photograph.

Maeve also steals Simon’s laptop to ensure that he didn’t keep any of her secrets stored on it. Though she doesn’t find anything about herself, she does find her sister Bronwyn’s secret on the laptop. Unfortunately, Maeve is unable to stop the secret from coming out, and the truth about Bronwyn stealing exam papers is revealed.

What Is Going On Between Bronwyn and Nate?

The episode closes with Bronwyn calling Nate and the latter opening their conversation by talking about getting into trouble. There is a definite connection between the class topper and the notorious student known for dealing drugs, which shows up from time to time in their heartfelt conversations. Nate is also one of the few people (apart from Maeve) who knows Bronwyn initially stole Simon’s laptop and helps her look for it when it goes missing. Bronwyn, on her part, seems to be one of the few people who trust Nate and believes that he is not the murderer.

Bronwyn and Nate seem to be longtime friends who have known each other since childhood. However, their polar opposite lifestyles seem to have driven them apart. Now, pushed together because of their alleged involvement in the murder, the two reconnect and find solace in each other. It is also possible that Nate and Bronwyn could be holding some secrets jointly because of their closeness. However, so far, they both seem to be innocent of Simon’s murder.

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