Ooakshell Shark Tank Update: Where Is Ooakshell Hairbands Now?

Image Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

A headband is not just a fashion accessory but also a great way to manage hair fall and heat. Mika Bertholdo found a way to add style to the simple object and even make it adjustable. Thus, in season 13 episode 22 of ‘Shark Tank,’ she introduced her brainchild Ooakshell, which produces a range of size-inclusive hairbands with unique hand-dyed designs. While the product is interesting indeed, how about we find out how the company is doing presently? Let’s begin!

Ooakshell: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Texas native Mika Bertholdo holds a Bachelor’s in Science degree in Biology from the University of California San Diego. In 2018, she suffered from severe postpartum hair loss after giving birth to her second child. Mika decided to start using hairbands to tackle the situation but struggled to find a decent size due to a large forehead. Moreover, the available options made her forehead look bigger, thus making her feel conscious.

Image Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

After experimenting with a few designs, Mika was able to zero down on a wraparound one with adjustable rings that act as a belt buckle to not just keep the headband in place but also give it a stylish touch. Ooakshell headbands stand apart from regular headbands mainly due to the rings. Furthermore, she ensured that the quality of the modal/spandex blend fabric and the paints used were top-notch. After testing it out on friends and family and receiving rave reviews, Mika tie-dyed each headband personally and started selling them on Etsy at the end of 2018.

Where Is Ooakshell Now?

As the products received a good response on Etsy, Mika decided to aim bigger and launched her own website in 2020. Not just that, in August 2021, she collaborated on a bag collection with another business named Nena and Co., which creates unique handbags and accessories while providing sustainable income for artisans. Though Ooakshell did not have a patent when Mika appeared on ‘Shark Tank,’ she hoped to receive both that and the support of the Sharks.

Currently, you can buy an Ooakshell headband in two variants – low tide or a two-inch wider high tide. There are multiple colors and designs to choose from as Mika dyes each one of them herself. You can buy a tie-dye headband for $32 or a plain black headband for $25. In addition, the rings are available for $3 a pair in various colors like rose gold, matte black, rainbow, gunmetal, copper, antique gold, and bronze.

Apart from the headbands, you can now get cool bracelets AKA Ooaklets for $13 each. Recently, Ooakshell has added more exciting products to its collection, such as hand-dyed silk scrunchies as well as funky tie-dyed tees, aprons, and sweatshirts. With its relatable and humble beginnings and Mika’s commendable presentation on ‘Shark Tank,’ we are sure that Ooakshell will soon scale new heights of success.

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