Out of My League Ending, Explained

‘Out of My League’ (2020) or ‘Sul più bello’ is an Italian romantic comedy film. The story revolves around Marta (Ludovica Francesconi), a young orphan woman with a rare and lethal genetic disorder. Despite the bleak diagnosis, Marta is full of life and positivity. She and her best friends, Jacopo (Jozef Gjura) and Federica (Gaja Masciale), move into the house that originally belonged to Marta’s parents. Marta wants to experience everything that life has to offer, including romance. She begins stalking an attractive young man she first sees at a bar. Much to her surprise, he later invites her for dinner. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Out of My League.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

Out of My League Plot Synopsis

Marta lost her parents in an accident when she was three years old, but she always had her friends, so she grew up surrounded by laughter and happiness. Jacopo and Federica refuse to let her sink into the bottomless pit of depression and take care of her whenever the symptoms of her condition spike. Marta has always been hopelessly romantic and has grown up dreaming about having a storybook romance with some incredibly handsome man.

At the same time, she is quite pragmatic and knows that she is not a traditionally beautiful woman. She uses Tinder but left-swipes any male user that looks less than a Greek god. Her reason for doing this is that if the rejection comes from someone way out of someone’s league, it hurts less. Meanwhile, Jacopo and Federica decide to have a child together. He is gay, and she is a lesbian, and neither is over 20 years of age. The decision complicates their lives. As they move into the new house, Marta has an episode of catarrhal coughing. She later visits her doctor, who encourages her to pursue her goals as they will help them gain more time.

So, Marta decides to search for romance aggressively. She spots Arturo (Giuseppe Maggio) at a bar and is immediately drawn towards him. She begins stalking him and learns that he is involved in a number of activities, none of which he actually likes. One day, Arturo overhears her speaking to her friends about him and approaches them. He reveals that he has been aware that Marta has been stalking him. He asks her what she wants from him. Feeling bold and mischievous and likely believing that he will decline, she tells him she wants him to ask her out on dinner. Much to her surprise, Arturo agrees and invites her to his home.

At the dinner, Marta realizes that the only reason Arturo has asked her to come is to spite his family. Her attitude and bluntness make his family uncomfortable, and he seems to take pleasure from that. She tells Arturo to have the courage to stand up to his family on his own. Arturo realizes that Marta is different from any other girl he has ever known and asks her out on a real dinner. As they start dating and begin to fall for each other, Marta can’t bring herself to tell him about her condition.

Out of My League Ending: Does Marta Die? What Disease Does She Have?

No, Marta doesn’t die at the end of the film. She has a rare genetic disorder called mucoviscidosis, which affects a patient’s lungs. According to Marta, if she doesn’t take enzyme capsules with every meal, use the nebulizer, undergo regular respiratory physiotherapy, and stay away from damp places full of germs, her lungs will fill up with mucus, and she can contract an infection that can prove fatal.

She spends most of the film not wanting to tell Arturo about her condition, as she thinks that the moment he learns about it, his behavior toward her will change. Ultimately, she has a severe episode when Arturo takes her to a lake at night. The damp atmosphere has a catastrophic effect on her lungs, and she is subsequently forced to spend some time at the hospital.

After Marta is discharged, she musters enough courage to tell Arturo the truth. Towards the end of the film, Arturo shows up at her door and declares that he has found an experimental treatment that can increase a patient’s chances of survival by 19%. Marta sardonically remarks that it is double the chances of someone like her ending up with someone like him.

She asks him to fulfill one more wish for her. In the presence of their friends, colleagues, and Marta’s doctor, they stage a wedding, just like what she used to do as a child with her friends. The road ahead will not be easy for Marta and the people around her. If the experimental treatment works, then her life will definitely get easier. But even if it doesn’t, Marta will continue to live her life to the fullest and hope for a better future. She will make every day of her life count.

Do Jacopo and Federica Have a Child Together? Is Federica Pregnant?

No, Jacopo and Federica don’t have a child together, at least not yet. In the film’s final part, the two of them finally have a candid conversation about what they want, and Jacopo reveals that he is unsure about the entire thing. Much of Jacopo’s reservation about the idea stems from his fear that he and Federica might have a fallout in the future or get into relationships.

Federica meticulously strikes down each of his objections. She points out that she herself is a child of divorced parents. Despite their differences, her parents were equally involved in her upbringing. Eventually, Federica realizes that it will not be fair to either of them to suddenly change the dynamics of their friendship. She and Jacopo decide to wait. They still plan to have a child together. But it will not likely be until they have grown up themselves.

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