Outlander Season 7 Episode 3 Ending, Explained

The third episode of Starz’s historical seriesOutlander’ season 7, titled ‘Death Be Not Proud,’ revolves around the aftermath of the fire at James “Jamie” Fraser and Claire Fraser’s house at Fraser’s Ridge. Jamie and Claire manage to escape from the house before the explosion but their house gets burnt down. While going through the debris, Jamie notices a significant thing, which paves the way for severe consequences. Brianna “Bree” Fraser MacKenzie and Roger MacKenzie are in the future, dealing with the separation from the former’s parents. The intriguing episode ends with pivotal narrative developments. If you are curious about the same, here’s what we can share about them! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Outlander Season 7 Episode 3 Recap

‘Death Be Not Proud’ begins with Jamie and Claire escaping from their house before the explosion. The residents of Fraser’s Ridge try to help them extinguish the fire but they fail. The next day, Jamie and Young Ian go through the debris, only for Ian to find a childhood portrait of Jamie’s son William Ransom. Ian reveals to Jamie that he knows William is the Scotsman’s son since it didn’t take him long to identify another Fraser. Jamie finds a bar of gold in between the debris and confronts Arch Bug about the same. Bug reveals that the bar belonged to the lost Jacobite treasure, which he garnered from the grave of Hector Cameron.

Jamie frees Bug from his oath to serve the former, which leads him to decide to leave the place with his wife Mrs. Mug, and the rest of the gold hidden somewhere. Jamie and Ian find out that Bug hid the remaining gold under the house and see the latter trying to unearth the same. When Jamie goes to confront Bug, the latter fires a gun, only for Ian to intervene by aiming an arrow at the person. Ian and Jamie get stunned to see Mrs. Bug in disguise on the ground. The housekeeper soon dies and her funeral is held at the place. Ian asks Bug to kill him for killing his wife but the old man decides to wait for the former to have something worth taking for.

Jamie takes Claire to see a nearby place and he announces that he plans to build their new home at the same. However, Jamie wants to return to Scotland before settling in the region for good. Back in the future, Brianna and Roger receive a box that had been kept in a bank for two hundred years. They open the same and see letters from both Claire and Jamie.

Outlander Season 7 Episode 3 Ending: Why Does Jamie Hide the Gold in the Cave?

After finding a part of the lost Jacobite treasure, Jamie takes a part of the gold bars from the same and hides them in a cave in a box. He reveals to Claire that the cave is one he used to explore with his grandson Jeremiah “Jemmy” MacKenzie. Jamie hides the gold after dreaming of Brianna, Roger, Jemmy, and Amanda, who are living a contented life in the future. He reveals to Claire that Amanda was well in his dream and Jemmy was playing with things. The dream must have evoked strong feelings in Jamie, making him want to do something for the sake of his daughter and her family.

Ever since Jamie and Claire know about Amanda’s illness, they helplessly witness the plight of Brianna and her family. Their departure to the future to save Amanda’s life further increases sadness and pain in the couple, who stays back in the United States. After the dream, Jamie must have grown anxious about their fates, which may have led him to keep the gold in the cave for Brianna and her family. In a letter, Jamie writes to Brianna that they should ask Jemmy about their secret place if they ever encounter the need for a fortune. Although Brianna and Roger don’t really understand the significance of the gold while reading the letter, they soon encounter the need for the same fortune.

Brianna and Roger visit Lallybroch, the family house of the Frasers. During the visit, they come to know that the property is listed for sale. Brianna and Roger may use the gold Jamie hid for them to buy the former’s ancestral property and restore it to its former glory.

Why Does Jamie, Claire, and Young Ian Leave for Scotland?

After Jamie and Claire’s house burns down, they find a place to build a new one. However, before they do, Jamie wants them to go to his family house Lallybroch in Scotland to fulfill two objectives. First of all, Jamie wants to return Young Ian to his sister and the latter’s mother Jenny Murray. Jamie has promised his sister that he will return her son when he has become a proper man, which he has become now. He may not want the promise hanging over his head anymore, especially when he is conflicted about several concerns that range from America’s fate to Brianna’s return to the future.

As a father who is separated from his child, Jamie may know the pain Jenny carries in her heart by living away from Ian. As her brother, Jamie may want to put an end to the same pain by handing over Ian to her. In addition, Jamie also wants to avoid the Revolutionary War since he cannot fight against his own child William Ransom. In the second episode of the season, Jamie learns that his son William, who was brought up as the son of Lord John Grey, has joined the army of the Crown to fight against the rebels. Jamie knows that he cannot aim his gun at his own son, who is loyal to the Scotsman’s enemy, which also makes him leave for Scotland.

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