Outlander Season 7 Episode 8 Recap and Ending, Explained

The eighth episode of Starz’s historical seriesOutlander’ season 7, titled ‘Turning Points,’ revolves around the Second Battle of Saratoga as Jamie Fraser returns to the battlefield against the British Army. Jamie faces his son William Ransom on the battlefield, only to accidentally fire a gun at the latter. Roger MacKenzie and his relative William “Buck” MacKenzie set out to find the former’s son Jemmy after confirming that Rob Cameron kidnapped the boy. Jamie’s relative Simon Fraser gets shot amid the battle, which turns around his and Claire’s lives as well. The intriguing episode ends with several questions. If you are trying to find the answers to the same, let us be your ally! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Outlander Season 7 Episode 8 Recap

‘Turning Points’ begins with Claire finding Jamie at the battlefield after the First Battle of Saratoga with a hand injury. She scolds him for putting his life on the line without thinking about her and takes care of his wound. In the 20th century, Roger tells Brianna “Bree” Fraser MacKenzie that Rob Cameron kidnapped their son and traveled to the past through the stones. He gets ready to go back to the past, only for Buck to join him. Claire meets Major General Benedict Arnold, who meets her to garner a medicinal bark. After talking to Arnold, Claire informs Jamie that the former will betray the Rebels and join the British Army, which will pave the way for the victory of the Continental Army.

The Second Battle of Saratoga begins as Jamie and other riflemen, under the leadership of Arnold, attack the British Army, led by Simon Fraser. When Arnold asks Jamie to kill Simon, he intentionally shoots off-target to avoid killing his cousin, only for the bullet to hit William’s hat. Meanwhile, another rifleman shoots at Simon. When Simon gets injured, the British Army backs off, only for the Rebels to attack the British soldiers severely. The Continental Army wins the second battle and the remaining British soldiers confirm their surrender. After the battle, Simon expresses his wish to meet Jamie, his cousin. Jamie and Claire visit the dying soldier and the Fraser cousins talk about their companionship in their childhood.

After meeting Simon, Jamie encounters William. He reveals to his son, who is not aware of his father’s identity, that he is the rifleman who shot at him and offers his hat to the latter for doing the same. William accepts the hat and wears it. Young Ian talks to Rachel Hunter and kisses her without her permission, only for her to slap him. Despite the same, they share their warm feelings toward each other. Ian tells her that they love each other, which makes Rachel discuss the same with her brother Denzell Hunter, who doesn’t approve of her Quaker sister’s potential marriage with a violent man like Ian.

Outlander Season 7 Episode 8 Ending: Do Jamie and Claire Arrive in Scotland?

Yes, Jamie and Claire are arriving in Scotland. After Simon’s death, his fellow British officials let Jamie’s superiors know that they want their late superior to be buried in his home country as per his wish. Since Jamie is Simon’s family member, one of his superiors asks him whether he is willing to take his late cousin’s body to Scotland, especially since the fulfillment of Simon’s wish is inserted by the British as a stipulation in their acceptance of surrender. Jamie replies that he is willing to take his cousin’s body to their home country, which leads him, Claire, and Ian to Scotland on a British ship.

Although Jamie initially wants to leave for Scotland without taking part in the Revolutionary War, he gets forced to join the Rebels. However, he then decides against leaving the Continental Army and going to his home country because he realizes that he cannot abandon his fellow soldiers. He is aware of the might and size of the British Army, which makes him protect his fellow rebels even after his mandatory period of service comes to an end. Jamie likely changes his mind again after what happens in the Battles of Saratoga.

In the first battle, Jamie nearly gets killed and abandons Claire. In the second battle, he nearly kills his own son William with an accidental shot. Jamie must have realized that he is committed more to his wife and son than his fellow soldiers. Since he also has a promise, returning Ian to his sister, to fulfill, Jamie accepts the voyage with his wife and nephew. The journey also lets him fulfill the last wish of one of his cousins, who died heroically on the battlefield.

Will Roger and Buck Find Jemmy?

When Rob kidnaps Jemmy, the latter’s father Roger and his relative Buck start searching for him. They find Jemmy’s scarf near the stones, the doors to the past. Thus, they start to believe that Rob traveled to the past with Jemmy through the stones to find the gold hidden by Jamie. After discovering the scarf, Roger and Buck travel to the past through the stones to find the former’s son. However, Roger and Buck may not find Jemmy in the 18th century right away, especially since Rob most likely hasn’t traveled to the past with the little boy. In Diana Gabaldon’s ‘Outlander’ novels, the source texts of the series, Rob hides in the 20th century with Jemmy.

The scarf at the stones most likely is a distraction Rob plants for Roger to disappear from the former’s timeline. He must be hiding with Jemmy in the tunnel at his workplace, waiting for Roger to leave for the 18th century. In the source novels, after Roger’s return to the past, Rob shows up at Lallybroch to force Brianna to make Jemmy reveal the location of the gold. Meanwhile, Jemmy, who is tied up in the tunnel, gets on a train and disappears through the portal his mother encounters at the same place. If Jemmy travels to the 18th century through the portal, he may encounter his father.

Will Mr. Bug Kill Rachel?

Before leaving for Scotland, Young Ian leaves his companion Rollo with Rachel and promises to her that he will return for both of them. Rachel and Rollo then encounter Mr. Bug, who realizes that Ian must be loving the former enough to leave his constant companion with her. Bug wants to kill someone Ian loves dearly to exact his vengeance on the latter for killing his wife. Therefore, Bug may try to kill Rachel to fulfill his promise to himself and Ian. Having said that, he may not succeed in killing Rachel.

In Gabaldon’s source novels of the series, Bug tries to kill Rachel when Ian is away in Scotland but William comes to her rescue. He fights the old man and protects the woman who saved his life despite getting injured by an ax. Even after the failure of his first attempt, Bug tries to kill Rachel again, specifically after the latter visits Marsali and Fergus with Ian. While Rachel is keeping an eye on Fergus’ printshop, Bug shows up and attacks her. Ian and Rollo then attack Bug back. The predicament ends when William shows up at the place and shoots at Bug to protect Rachel.

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