Outlander: Will William and Rachel Get Together?

In the fourth episode of Starz’s historical seriesOutlander’ season 7, William Ransom sets out to deliver three letters as per the order of his superior, only to get into an accident. A severely injured William encounters Young Ian, who treats the soldier’s wound. Upon realizing that William’s condition is worsening, Ian takes him to Denzell and Rachel Hunter, two siblings who save the soldier’s life. William and Rachel get to know each other intimately during their journey to the North in the fifth episode of the season, making the viewers wonder whether they get together as a couple. Well, let us share our take on the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

William and Rachel Part Ways

In the fourth episode of the seventh season, Denzell and Rachel team up to save William’s life without amputating his hand. After his recovery, William and Rachel discuss the two siblings’ plans, only for her to reveal that they are traveling towards the North to join the Continental Army at Fort Ticonderoga. Since William is also going the same way, they travel together. Midway through their journey, a farmer tells them that they are on the wrong path. The trio decides to eat and sleep at the farmer’s house and continue their journey the next morning. Since then, William prioritizes Rachel’s care.

When Rachel fails to eat the stew the farmer and his wife provide her, we see a caring and charming William helping her to deal with the predicament. They become closer when the farmer and wife try to kill the trio to steal from them. William kills the farmer and attacks the wife to safeguard himself and the Hunters. When he immerses in the shock of killing someone, he seeks solace in Rachel, in whom he finds comfort. Rachel also extends her sympathy to him, which helps William immensely. They sit together at night and help each other deal with the shock they just experienced.

Although William eventually separates from Rachel, it is evident that he finds it hard to part ways with her. Even though the show doesn’t explicitly depict his feelings for her, Diana Gabaldon’s ‘Outlander’ novels, which serve as the source texts of the series, do reveal that William indeed likes Rachel. However, William and Rachel do not get together in the novels and due to the same reason, the chances of them getting together in the show are little to none. In the novel series, Rachel ends up together with Young Ian, whom she meets again at Fort Ticonderoga in the fifth episode of the seventh season.

In the novels, Rachel and Ian grow fond of each other after meeting again at Fort Ticonderoga but she wonders whether they can get together as a couple since she is a Quaker and he is a man of violence. The differences between the two do not separate them for good. Ian tells her that he is ready to convert to a Quaker to share his life with her but Rachel accepts him as he is. They even eventually get married and then welcome a son together. Having said that, we may haven’t seen the last of William and Rachel’s companionship.

In the source texts, William comes to the rescue of Rachel when Arch Bug tries to hurt her as he seeks revenge against Ian for killing his wife. William puts his body on the line to safeguard her, only to get hurt by an ax. Arch continues to target Rachel and even finds a way to seize her. William comes to her rescue again and shoots down Arch. However, their relationship turns sour when William learns about Rachel and Ian’s engagement. He reveals his feelings for her and expresses his anger toward Ian by hitting him and getting him arrested for assaulting a soldier. Rachel gets infuriated about the predicament, calls the soldier a “coward” and a “brute,” and slaps him, only for William to forcefully kiss her, which also puts an end to their companionship.

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