Outlander Season 7 Episode 4 Recap: A Most Uncomfortable Woman

The fourth episode of Starz’s historical seriesOutlander’ season 7, titled ‘A Most Uncomfortable Woman,’ revolves around the aftermath of James “Jamie” Fraser’s decision to leave for Scotland to hand Young Ian over to the latter’s mother. While Jamie, Claire, and Young Ian prepare for the journey, the Fraser patriarch gets entangled in the Revolutionary War even though he doesn’t want to participate in the same yet. When Jamie’s secret son William Ransom gets into an accident, Ian rescues him with the help of Rachel and Denzell Hunter. The captivating episode ends with several unanswered questions. If you are trying to make sense of the same, you are at the right place! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Outlander Season 7 Episode 4 Recap

‘A Most Uncomfortable Woman’ begins with Brianna and Roger renovating Lallybroch as their new home, only to run out of money to fund the entire renovation. In the past, Young Ian anticipates an attack from Arch Bug sooner than later since the latter threatened to kill one of his loved ones. Jamie calms his nephew down and continues their journey with Claire, who runs into Tom Christie. Tom reveals to her that rather than getting sent to the gallows, he ended up with Governor Martin, who gave him a job for his survival. He adds that he learned about the fire at Fraser’s Ridge and he published obituaries of Claire and Jamie thinking they died.

Jamie runs into a leader of the Rebels, who forces him to join the cause and fight against the Crown. Although Jamie tries his best to avoid fighting in the Revolutionary War, against his own son William Ransom, he gets pressured to take part in the same. William impresses his superiors by saving a woman from death after a fellow soldier tries to burn her down alive. His superior asks him whether he has any interest in serving the Crown as a spy, only for him to make it clear that he doesn’t. William then gets asked to deliver letters to Samuel Cartwright, Henry Carver, and Joshua Herrington.

During his journey to deliver the letters, William gets into an accident, only to get severely hurt. Ian, who has been passing through the way, encounters the soldier and offers help. He treats William’s wounds and gets to know in no time that the soldier is none other than his uncle Jamie’s son. Ian talks about Lord John Grey and Jamie to William, whose conditions worsen as time passes. To save him, Ian takes William to Denzell Hunter and his sister Rachel Hunter. Although they initially believe that they need to amputate one of William’s arms, the two siblings find a way to save him without the amputation. Before William wakes up, Ian leaves the place to join his uncle and aunt.

Outlander Season 7 Episode 4 Ending: What is Nuckelavee? Is it Real?

Jeremiah “Jemmy” MacKenzie becomes nothing but a naughty child by the time Brianna and Roger settle in Lallybroch with the former and his sister Amanda. When Bree notices that several food items she stored at the house went missing, she confronts Jemmy, only for him to reveal that the items were eaten by the nuckelavee who has been visiting him. Nuckelavee is a horse-like demon that combines equine and human elements. It is regarded as the “nastiest” of all demons in Scotland’s Northern Isles. Roger, who is familiar with the folklore, clarifies the same to Brianna but they are unable to disbelieve Jemmy since he doesn’t seem to be lying.

There isn’t any reason to believe that an actual demon is visiting Jemmy at Lallybroch. The entity can actually be a human being pretending to be a demon to make sure that the little boy is following the orders of the person. Considering the narrative of ‘An Echo in the Bone,’ the seventh book in Diana Gabaldon’s ‘Outlander’ novels, which serve as the source novels of the show, the person who likely pretends to be a demon is Rob Cameron. In the novel, Rob is one of Brianna’s colleagues. He kidnaps Jemmy and flees, making others think that they ended up in the past.

When Roger travels through time and goes to the past to save his son, Rob appears before Brianna, asking her to make Jemmy reveal the location of the gold Jamie has hidden. We may see Rob using Jemmy’s fear to capture him to lay his hands on the gold Jamie hid for the prosperity of his daughter and her family.

Why Does William Join Rachel and Denzell to the North?

After William’s recovery, he talks to Rachel about the Hunters’ plans for the future. Rachel reveals that she and her brother are joining the Continental Army as a camp-follower and a surgeon respectively. William suddenly asks her whether he can join them when they travel toward the north, only for Rachel to agree. William wants to join the two siblings after Rachel mentions the name, Samuel Cartwright, one of the potential recipients of the three letters William is supposed to deliver. When he receives the letters, the soldier must have thought that the recipients are fellow soldiers fighting for the Crown.

However, Samuel Cartwright is a rebel fighting for the Continental Army. Considering the letter William’s superior sends Samuel in utmost secrecy, the latter has to be a spy serving the Crown. He must have joined the Rebels to garner as much information possible, only to pass the same to the British Army. In the upcoming episodes, William may eventually meet Samuel and learn about the absence of dignity on battlefields, which dissuades William from becoming a spy. He may also learn more about the atrocities British soldiers have been committing, which may challenge his loyalty to the Crown.

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