Do Jamie and Claire Die in Outlander Season 7? Theories

The seventh season of Starz’s historical seriesOutlander’ begins with James “Jamie” MacKenzie Fraser having a nightmare in which his beloved wife Claire Fraser gets hanged for the murder of Malva Christie. Claire confronts death at a short distance since convicted murderers are hanged to death at the time. However, she manages to get freed from the authorities’ captivity when Tom confesses to killing Malva. Still, Jamie and Claire’s lives are under threat as the Revolutionary War becomes a reality. Since the two of them are expected to get involved in some capacity, the viewers must be concerned about their fates. Well, here’s what we can share about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Jamie and Claire Die?

When Claire gets arrested for Malva’s murder, her death becomes a possibility. Jamie even considers fighting against the Rebels and his conscience in return for his wife’s life and freedom. In the seventh season premiere, Claire’s life gets saved by Tom Christie, who confesses to killing Malva to free the former from captivity. After Tom’s confession gets published, Claire gets released and she reunites with Jamie. The couple’s lives are not under any immediate threat after Claire’s release. Having said that, we can expect them to confront several life-threatening predicaments in the upcoming episodes of the seventh season, possibly starting with the fire at their house.

The sixth novel of Diana Gabaldon’s ‘Outlander’ novel series, titled ‘A Breath of Snow and Ashes,’ ends with a fire at the Fraser household. Brianna travels to the past upon seeing the obituaries of her father and mother, who, as per the same, die amid the fire. However, in the novel series, the couple survives the fire and leaves for Scotland. After their time in Scotland, they return to America separately. While Claire is traveling to America, she receives news that Jamie is dead after his boat had sunk in the middle of his journey. Although Claire believes that her beloved is dead for a while, Jamie returns to her alive.

As the seventh season progresses, we can expect Jamie and Claire to end up having these close encounters with death. However, other than that, they most likely will not die in the seventh season. Jamie and Claire are still alive in Gabaldon’s ongoing novel series. She is currently writing the tenth novel of the series, which is assured to feature Jamie and Claire. Therefore, the chances of the couple dying in a season that’s expected to be based on the latter portions of ‘A Breath of Snow and Ashes’ and the seventh novel ‘An Echo in the Bone’ are little to none. Although the show does deviate from the novels at times, it may not deviate from pivotal developments such as Jamie and Claire’s possible deaths.

In addition, Starz already renewed ‘Outlander’ for the eighth and final season. Since it is inconceivable how ‘Outlander’ can progress without the couple, we may not need to worry about them dying in the seventh season. But will they die in the series, likely in the eighth season? While talking about the tenth book in her novel series, Gabaldon hinted that the same could conclude the tale of Jamie and Claire. If they die in the novel series, the chances of them dying in the eighth season are indeed high. However, the author also revealed that their tale will have a “happy ending.”

Since Jamie and Claire’s deaths cannot be considered as a happy ending to their tale, we may see them alive at the end of the novel series. If that’s the case, they may remain alive in the eighth season as well. We may see them settling in Scotland or the United States with the rest of their family to grow old together.

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