Who Killed Malva in Outlander? [Spoiler]

In the sixth episode of Starz’s historical series ‘Outlander’ season 6, Malva reveals that she is carrying Jamie’s baby after maintaining a consensual sexual affair with him while Claire was battling her illness. Malva’s revelation rewrites the destinies of Jamie and Claire, as they get isolated by the very people they have protected and cared for. The scandal affects Jamie’s reputation as it reaches the ears of his fellow Sons of Liberty members as well. In addition to the existing predicaments, Malva gets killed under mysterious circumstances within the ground of Jamie and Claire’s house. If you are intrigued to know the identity of the killer, let us share the answer! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who Killed Malva?

The news of Malva’s accusation of Jamie being the father of her baby spreads like a wildfire across Fraser’s Ridge. The settlers of the Ridge start to isolate Claire and Jamie loses a significant position in the continental congress due to the predicament. After realizing that Jamie has nothing to do with Malva, Claire even tries to talk to Malva alone about the identity of the real father, only to fail to retrieve any convincing truth from her. Ultimately, Malva gets killed as the mystery behind her pregnancy remains unraveled.

Since Malva gets killed within the compound of Jamie’s house, the settlers will most likely suspect their lord and his wife Claire as the ones behind the murder. However, the truth is far from what the people of Fraser’s Ridge will possibly believe. According to the sixth season’s source novel, Diana Gabaldon’s ‘A Breath of Snow and Ashes,’ Malva is killed by Allan Christie, her half-brother. Allan is also responsible for Malva’s pregnancy. He has been molesting her for a long while and the horrendous secret gets nearly exposed when she becomes pregnant. Allan, using his influence, makes Malva accuses Jamie so that he wouldn’t be harmed due to the predicament.

Although Malva initially protects Allan, she gradually succumbs to guilt. Since Claire has treated her nothing less than a daughter, her conscience must have motivated her to reveal the truth to Claire to free Jamie from ill-reputation. Malva goes to the Fraser household to expose Allan, which threatens him. Allan then kills his half-sister to protect himself. Allan is vicious enough to know that leaving Malva’s dead body in Jamie and Claire’s house-ground will make the other settlers think that Jamie and Claire have killed Malva for “exposing them.” By killing her, Allan makes sure that none will trace the truth back to him.

Considering that Claire is already alleged of being a witch, Allan may find it easy to crucify her and Jamie as the killers of Malva. Since Claire also does an incision to save Malva’s baby, although the baby dies, Allan may try to accuse her of performing witchcraft on Malva. Thus, Malva’s murder is expected to pave the way for severe consequences in Claire and Jamie’s life. In the novel, Claire is accused of killing Malva, forcing her to stand trial. In the rest of the sixth season episodes, we can look forward to seeing the aftermath of Malva’s murder and the possible unraveling of the truth.

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