Overlord Season 4 Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

In the fifth episode of ‘Overlord’ season 4 titled ‘The Ruler of Conspiracy,’ the show follows Momonga as he begins to plan his ambitious trip to the dwarven kingdom to establish mutually beneficial ties. Meanwhile, back in the Sorcerer Kingdom, Demiurge meets Albedo to discuss critical matters related to politics concerning the state. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Overlord’ season 4 episode 5. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

Overlord Season 4 Episode 5 Recap

Demiurge visits Momonga’s office to discuss his plans against the Theocracy. However, he is shocked to find Albedo there who informs him that their emperor is absent. Although Albedo recommends sending Momonga a message if he needs to discuss something urgent, Demiurge declines. He wants to hear some words of praise directly from his master. When he learns that Momonga is currently in the Dwarven Kingdom, he could not fully grasp what the emperor is probably planning to do.

He wonders why he decided to personally visit a remote place like it when someone else could have easily gone there instead of him. Albedo is just as clueless as him. When Demiurge learns that Momonga is unhappy with some aspects of his plan for world domination, he is a bit surprised. If Momonga had followed his plan then Jireniv would have taken 30 days to make his kingdom a vassal state of the Sorcerer Kingdom. But to Demiurge’s surprise, Momonga managed to do it in his three days visit.

He is humbled by the genius of his emperor and is left dumbfounded. Meanwhile, Momonga meets with his troops to discuss the plan to go to the Dwarven Kingdom. He intends to use diplomacy to his advantage. While some speculate that he may wish to annihilate the kingdom entirely, Momonga is far more considerate. He speaks about his plan clearly to everyone so that they are on the same page as him.

When discussions finally come to an end, Bloodfallen opens up his plan to prove herself to Momonga. She tells Fiore that she believes that Momonga is probably disappointed in her. However, Fiore clarifies that he knows for sure that it is probably not the case. The troops under the guidance of Momonga soon begin to make a move. When they finally reach the kingdom, Momonga sends his troops to observe the city but they find nothing. However, in a tunnel under the city, they find a dwarf who introduces himself as Gondo Firebeared.

Overlord Season 4 Episode 5 Ending: What Happened to Runesmiths? Why Did They Begin to Disappear in the Last Century?

Momonga’s primary goal for establishing mutually beneficial ties with the dwarven kingdom is because he is interested in the rune technology. He wants to get his hands on the magical weapons carved with runes, which will give his men an advantage over others in battle. Unfortunately, when he brings this up with Gondo Firebeared, he learns something shocking. Several decades ago all dwarven magic items were made of runes. But everything changed when a magic castor managed to enchant items with magic.

Over time, runesmiths started turning into magic castors and within a few decades, only a few were left with the knowledge of the technology. However, Gondo argues that he has not given up on runesmithing entirely and hopes to revive it. When Momonga hears this, he offers him the support of the Sorcerer Kingdom on the condition that he will give his soul to him and let him use the technology to his advantage as well.

What Are Quangoas? What Threat Do They Pose to the Dwarves?

When Momonga walks out of the tunnel, he is informed by his undead servants that a group of hundred demi-humans has managed to surround them from all directions. Bloodfallen reassures further that she is closely monitoring the situation. It turns out that they are not any ordinary demi-humans but Quagoas- bipedal mole-like beastmen who eat metal from an early age. As a result, their furs get stronger than metal armor. They were originally responsible for forcing the dwarves to leave their city and settle down in the north.

When Bloodfallen and Momonga realize the danger they can pose, the former immediately springs into action. She uses her powers to subdue their entire group on her own and then with the charm magic enquires them about their intentions. It turns out they have decided to destroy the dwarven city in the north and have already managed to bring down the fortress that serves as a protection to the bridge that connects the two regions. Now, it’s only a matter of time before they will begin to slaughter the dwarves but luckily they will have Momonga on their side this time.

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