Parking Wars: Where Are the Enforcement Officers Now?

A&E’s ‘Parking Wars’ is a reality show focusing on various parking enforcement officers and their everyday actions. This often-overlooked part of law enforcement plays a crucial role in society in a way that can be seen through the show. The series premiered in 2008 and ran for seven seasons until 2012, leaving viewers with some never-to-be-forgotten moments. With over a decade since the last episode aired, viewers are curious about what the various cast members are up to these days, and we are here to answer the same!

Steve Garfield Enjoys Engaging with Fans Today

Steven “Steve” Garfield was one of the most noticeable cast members of the show who worked as a Booter alongside Sherry Royal. The duo quickly enchanted the viewers with their fascinating dynamic and how they dealt with people. Steve retired from Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) in 2015 and seems to be enjoying his life with his loved ones. The former Booter continues to be active in the ‘Parking Wars’ fan community and is always happy interacting with his fans.

Sherry Royal is Working as a Bus Driver Today

Since her time on the show, Sherry Royal has also left PPA behind. The mother of eight retired in February 2016, shortly after her partner left. She currently works as a Bus Driver for Driver Bus Lines, having held the position since March 2018. More than anything, Sherry is a devoted mother who seems to enjoy the time she now spends with her family.

Anthony Kuczynski is Now the Director of Enforcement for the PPA

Anthony Kuczynski appeared in the A&E show as a Lot Head Supervisor. However, over the years, he seems to have continued to climb the ranks and is now the Director of Enforcement for the PPA. Still based in the Greater Philadelphia Area in Pennsylvania, his presence in the show was truly memorable. We wish him the best for his future and hope that he continues to progress in life.

Shawn Moreland is Maintaining Privacy

As of writing, Shawn Moreland continues to work for the Philadelphia Parking Authority. As many might expect, the Simon Gratz High School graduate is still based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Notably, the former Parking Enforcement Officer of the PPA prefers to keep the details of his personal life private.

Jennifer Sawyer is Enjoying Life Today

Next, we have Jennifer Sawyer, a former Impoundment office employee and Booter for the PPA who left her job behind in February 2017. The reality TV cast member started working with the organization on May 27, 2002. Presently, Jennifer works for CTDI Engineering Repair and Logistics and is based in Philadelphia. When not working hard, she likes to play board games and is quite a book collector. Moreover, Jennifer has a soft spot for animals and is never averse to enjoying a good movie or delicious food.

Fatima Pratt is Supporting Charities

Like many of her fellow co-stars, Fatima Pratt is still working with the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Her time with the PPA started on October 11, 1996, and she still holds the position of a Meter Technician. Though she does not seem to be much active on social media, the reality TV star is never shy about using the internet to promote causes close to her heart. This includes raising funds for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Alzheimer’s Association.

DeAndre “Ponytail ” Hubbard is Supervising Parking

Based in Detroit, Michigan, DeAndre “Ponytail ” Hubbard is doing well. On the professional front, he is now a Supervisor for Detroit’s Parking Authority. Besides, DeAndre is quite happily engaged to Latania Ruckes, having proposed to her on September 15, 2022. We wish the happy couple the best and hope their upcoming wedding is full of love and joy.

How Did Larry Berger Die?

We are saddened to share the news of the demise of Lawrence “Larry” Berger. Seen on-screen in his capacity as a Lot Officer, the PPA employee passed away on January 26, 2018, while surrounded by his loved ones. His wife, Marie Berger, and his children, Amy Barca and Ashley Rawls, greatly grieved his death. Larry is also survived by his granddaughter Stella Barca. In life, he threw his support behind Philadelphia Eagles and the Philadelphia Phillies, showcasing his love for various sports.

How Did Nick Rod Die?

Nicholas “Nick” Rod passed away on March 6, 2011. At the time, he was engaged to Jessica Ford and was only 26. Though his family and friends did not share the reasons behind the tragedy, they revealed that his death was unrelated to his job as a Parking Enforcement Officer. Nick’s family, including his mother, Karen Rod, step-father Dennis Stasen, and brothers Tony Rod Jr and Joey Rod, were naturally heartbroken by his passing. We offer our condolences for the same.

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