Partner Track Soundtrack: Where to Listen to its Songs?

Image Credit: Vanessa Clifton/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Partner Track’ is a legal romance drama that follows the story of Ingrid Yun. Her life goes through a lot of ups and downs as she gives her all to becoming a partner at her law firm while trying to decide where her heart lies in the love triangle that complicates her personal life. The show explores a lot of themes, especially when it comes to corporate workplaces and the struggles that people of color, especially women, have to face in rising up the ladder. The many upheavals in Ingrid’s life are complemented by the music that sets the tone of the story at every turn. If you loved the music in ‘Partner Track’, then here’s the compilation of all the songs that appear in it.

Partner Track Soundtrack

‘Partner Track’ features a great collection of songs that features artists like Florence+The Machine, Flora Cash, and Millie Turner, among others. Here’s the entire list for you to listen to.

Episode 1:

Again by CATT (listen here)
All the Troubled Hearts by Hiatus feat. Daudi Matsiko (listen here)
Give It to Me by Animal Island (listen here)
Your Lover by Peter Dallas (listen here)
Still Young by Odyssette feat Ren with the Mane (listen here)
Lucky Me by The Knocks feat Great Good Fine Ok (listen here)
Who’s Your Love by Orang Utan (listen here)
Eye of the Storm Millie Turner (listen here)
Red Lips by Cassandra Jenkins (listen here)

Episode 2:

Good Good Day by Ryan Corn feat. Anna Graceman (listen here)
Nobody But You by FROIDZ (listen here)

Episode 3:

Good Vibe HIGHTOPS (listen here)
Do What I Do by Lady Bri (listen here)
Make Me Feel Better by Alex Adair (listen here)
On My Way SATV Music (listen here)
Tripping Up by Flamingo Pier (listen here)
I Feel It by Leftwing and Kody (listen here)
Warning Call (Theme from Mirror’s Edge Catalyst) by CHVRCHES (listen here)

Episode 4:

Do It by Baila Curry (listen here)
Portugal by Eleven Pond (listen here)
So Strong by Olivier Bibeau (listen here)
Yeah We Do It Like by Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford & James Cocozza (listen here)
Tout là-haut by Dynah (listen here)
Collapse by Vancouver Sleep Clinic (listen here)

Episode 5:

Real Thing by La Felix Feat. Becca Krueger (listen here)
New Trick by CXLOE (listen here)
Get Down by Pillowfight (listen here)
(breathe) Underwater by Millie Turner (listen here)
Most of All I Love You by Stan Laferriere (listen here)
Around Here by Matt Holubowski (listen here)
Wrong Timing by Black Lilys (listen here)

Image Credit: Vanessa Clifton/Netflix

Episode 6:

Give It All Up by Ren with the Mane (listen here)
Make it Better by Francesca Blanchard (listen here)
Jump by Astrid S (listen here)
Suite For Violoncello No. 1 In G Major, BWV 1007: I. Prélude by Jan Vogler (listen here)
Waltz No. 6 In D-Flat Major, Op. 64, No. 1 “Minute Waltz” by APM Music (listen here)

Episode 7:

All Up to You by Shay Lia (listen here)
Stay by Rihanna (listen here)
Waiting for You by Krissie Karlsson & Karl Karlsson (listen here)
Nighttime Hunger by Overcoats (listen here)

Episode 8:

Ride This Train by Millie Turner (listen here)
Magazines by Reyna (listen here)
Good Luck Kid by Scott Ballew (listen here)
Ride or Die by Milk & Bone & Alex Lustig (listen here)
Old Feeling, Old Foe by Kacey Johansing (listen here)
Hush by The Marias (listen here)

Episode 9:

For Someone Flora Cash (listen here)
Deck the Halls by Steve Sidwell (listen here)
Young at Heart by Cavendish Music (listen here)
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Gaby Moreno (listen here)

Episode 10:

Jingle Bells by The Sugar Sisters (listen here)
Life as It Comes by Geoffrey (listen here)
One More Time by James Gruntz (listen here)
Mosaic by Tiflis Transit (listen here)
Good Thing by Maple Glider (listen here)
6’s to 9’s by Big Wild feat Rationale (listen here)
My Love by Florence+The Machine (listen here)

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