Patrick Macon: Where is My 600 lb Life Participant Now?

Created by Jonathan Nowzaradan, TLC’s ‘My 600-Lb Life‘ is a reality series that has engaged the audience since it premiered in 2012. The weight loss journeys of various people across the US who are either 600 pounds or over when they first appear on-screen have always served as motivating stories to the viewers. Given how much effort some cast members have put into their bodies, the public is always eager to be updated about their lives. The same holds for Patrick Macon, who appeared in the show’s eleventh season and immediately captured the audience’s attention.

Patrick Macon’s My 600 lb Life Journey

When 42-year-old Patrick entered the TLC show, he was determined to turn his life around and accomplish his goals in the future. At that time, he weighed approximately 657 pounds. Because of his weight and excessively bulging abdomen, Patrick depended on others for every task around the house. Besides, he was in pain due to his weight and needed help to live healthier without being dependent on anyone. In the episode, Patrick revealed the problems he faces due to his weight. He said, “When I wake up and see daylight, I’m surprised to be still alive because my weight is killing me. Every day I dread it. I’m in pain. My body’s giving up on me, and I hate it.”

Patrick detested how much of a burden he had become to his wife Amanda and daughter Haley and looked to Dr. Younan Nowzaradan for assistance. He was forced to hear the hard truth from his doctor after making a minimal attempt to stick to the diet he received from Dr. Now and gaining even more weight over six months. Consequently, the doctor gave Patrick a target weight loss of 130 pounds in three months. He needed to lose the required weight to be eligible for weight reduction surgery.

Unfortunately, Patrick only shed 40 pounds. According to Dr. Now, he had made progress but needed to lose more weight to be eligible for the surgery. Dr. Now gave Patrick two more months to drop 100 pounds, but he put on 25 pounds. He was advised to stop making the 11-hour drive from Houston, Texas, to his hometown of Columbus, Georgia, unless he started treating things more seriously.

Thus, the doctor recommended Patrick to a nearby clinic to keep an eye on his weight loss because of this. He reached 591 pounds after two more months, having shed 51 pounds. Patrick and Amanda relocated to Houston after he underwent a gastric sleeve procedure and continued to lose weight. He weighed 531 pounds at the end of the episode, having shed a total of 126 pounds.

Patrick Macon is Fighting Gallbladder Cancer

Patrick has been married to Amanda Macon since 2002. Currently, the Columbus, Georgia, resident has been keeping his personal life away from social media. Sadly, his situation took a scary turn after his appearance on the show. In February 2023, Patrick’s wife revealed that he had gallbladder cancer. Amanda posted, “you are not alone, babe! You have an army behind you!” The official diagnosis is bile duct/gallbladder carcinoma.

The American Cancer Society states that obesity increases the risk of developing the disease. This is due to the increased risk of gallstones, bile duct stones, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease that comes with being overweight. We send our best wishes to Patrick as he fights in his upcoming health battle, this one against cancer. And hopefully, he will recover soon.

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