Paul MacNeill: Where is My 600 lb Life Contestant Now?

TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life‘ has been a turning point for many people who have a history of life-threatening obesity and unhealthy eating habits. Since its premiere in 2012, it has showcased various patients weighing approximately 600 pounds and their long weight loss battles. In the process, they seek the assistance of Houston, Texas-based Dr. Younan Nowzaradan AKA Dr. Now, who offers a thorough and personalized diet and exercise regimen and later assists patients in qualifying for weight-loss surgery.

The reality show has featured a number of success stories of people who sought the doctor’s advice and worked arduously and sincerely to reach their target body weight over the years. One such patient who made an appearance in season 10 episode 6 and persisted despite numerous obstacles is Paul MacNeill. With the interesting journey that he presented, viewers must be curious to know what happened to him.

Paul MacNeill’s My 600-lb Life Journey

Paul MacNeill was 35-year-old and weighed over 750 pounds when he appeared in season 19 in 2021. His excessive weight made him dependent on his mother, but he was still unable to control his food cravings throughout the day. Paul had gone into a dark place by then, as food became his source of hope to escape his miserable feelings. His excess weight also led to lymphedema developments in both his legs, and he could only stand for a few minutes every time. Paul also had to wear special socks for his legs and even had difficulty showering every day.

Paul’s relationship with food had been such since childhood, as his parents had similar eating habits. His father especially had an influence on him as he was a carnival worker with easy access to unhealthy food; thus, he weighed over 400 pounds. Unfortunately, as his parents divorced when he was around 10, Paul’s dependence on food grew, and he hit over 200 pounds by age 11. That was also accompanied by bullying by his friends and classmates, which further impacted his mental health. As Paul’s mother was a good cook, she showed her love with food and fed him whenever she wanted to make him happy.

Paul weighed about 600 pounds by age 29 and lost his job because his weight restricted his movements. He moved back with his mother — who almost became his caretaker — and could rarely visit his girlfriend, Jennifer, who lived over an hour’s drive from his home. As guilt began to sweep in more and more, Paul realized he needed to change his life and stop relying on others for his daily needs. Thus, he sought Dr. Now’s help and received a strict diet and exercise plan to lose weight to qualify for bariatric surgery.

Paul struggled with controlling his cravings initially, and his best friend, Jessica Johnson, also worried that he might not take the program seriously and remain mentally strong. However, he never gave up and picked up on himself after some time, losing around 116 pounds before undergoing gastric bypass surgery.

Where is Paul MacNeill Today?

Paul MacNeill has become a much more confident man and has been going on with sheer determination to lose weight and reach his goal soon. He even updated his fans with his latest weight loss news in a November 2021 post, explaining that he lost over 250 pounds from his original weight. This change has, in turn, helped Paul maintain his weight loss program religiously. From the looks of it, he is now finally in a happy place and is living his fullest life in a healthy way.

However, Paul lost his father shortly after filming the show. He was devastated by the tragedy as he was quite attached to his father. Nonetheless, he has continued working on his weight loss goals and fondly remembers his father on numerous occasions. After bringing down his weight to around 512 pounds, Paul is almost a changed person and has taken a positive charge of his own life. Despite all his trials and tribulations, he remains optimistic and happy with his newfound life. It’s also to do with a major reason for celebration — his engagement to his girlfriend of around two years, Jennifer Trivette.

Paul proposed to Jennifer around Christmas in 2021. Moreover, it seems like the two also got married since he addresses her as his “wife.” However, it’s unclear when the happy event took place. Now, the couple lives happily in Alachua, Florida, along with Riley, Jennifer’s son from her previous relationship. They often visit different, exciting places together and live their new and healthy life together. Thus, as Paul and his family are embarking on a new journey along with his weight loss journey on track, we only wish them the best for their future together.

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