Where is Paula Jones From My 600-lb Life Today?

‘My 600-lb Life’ on TLC tells the tale of morbidly obese people who decide to turn their lives around and shed a few pounds before going under the knife. Dr. Now is with them supervising the diet plan and suggesting exercises. While there are sad endings for participants, many manage to bring about serious changes. Paula Jones has had one of the most drastic weight loss journeys on the show and is among the more successful alum. So, where is she now?

Paula Jones’ My 600-lb Life Journey:

Paula appeared on the show in 2014 and tipped the scales at 542 pounds. She was 33 years old at the time and thought of herself as a monster, due to her weight. Paula revealed that she was motivated by the death of her husband, due to weight-related causes, and the fear of dying and leaving her kids without any parents. Thus, she moved from Georgia to Texas to consult Dr. Now.

However, she gained weight after the move and even developed a hernia. Determined not to give up, Paula went on a liquid diet, losing 33 pounds. She was greenlit for the surgery. By early 2015, her weight had dropped to 269 pounds, meaning she could go under the knife to remove the excess skin. In 2016, Paula revealed that she was 400 pounds lighter than when she began. That means she has lost 73.8% of her peak weight. When Paula embarked on her journey, she dyed her hair green to signify the oncoming change. You can see her picture from back then.

Where is Paula Jones Now?

Paula has brought successful changes in her life but has also been concerned about her daughter who displayed many of the same unhealthy eating habits she had. Paula did not show restraint earlier but set an example for the kids about how to enjoy a healthy diet and be happy. As you can see here, Paula is very happy now.

Paula also welcomed her granddaughter in 2019 and you can see how much she cares about the little bundle of joy.

She remains committed to her new life after losing weight and attends the Southeast WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) Conference, which is a local gathering for bariatric surgery patients. You can see Paula at the event, and it is clear that being a part of such conferences helps her to share her experiences and stay on her path of losing weight.

In conclusion, once Paula decided to bring about the necessary changes in her life, she has not been deterred. Seeing the results and the subsequent confidence has only urged her to move forward. She is currently dedicated to a very healthy lifestyle and can count on the support of her family and friends to help her on the journey. She’s recently visited Houston again and enjoyed the crawfish there. But knowing Paula, she’s eaten in moderation, but it is good to see her still appreciate food.

We will leave you with a final picture of Paula that not only shows how much weight she has lost but how content she is with life at present.

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