Where Is Endeavour Filmed?

Inspector Morse is back in the prequel detective drama, titled ‘Endeavour.’ We follow a young Endeavour Morse who starts his career as a detective constable, before being promoted to a detective sergeant working for the Oxford City Police CID. The show is set in Oxford, England, in the 1960s and 1970s. It might make you curious about whether ‘Endeavour’ has been shot on location, or if the show has made use of the studio system.

Endeavour Filming Locations

‘Endeavour’ is mostly filmed in and around Oxford, Oxfordshire. However, some parts have been filmed in London and the town of Woodstock. The series also headed to Venice for some shots, when Morse was seen on vacation. However, let us walk you through the specific locations where the show has been shot.

Oxford, UK

There’s a replica of Venice’s Bridge of Sighs at Oxford, which is where see Morse. The bridge, which was built in 1914, connects two parts of Hertford College. It is a top-rated tourist attraction in the city. The Radcliffe Camera is an iconic round building, which is home to the Bodleian Library. Some shots also capture the grassy Radcliffe Square, which remains relatively un-modern and helps portray the show’s setting authentically. You can see the post below, where the Radcliffe Camera is visible at the starting of the clip.

Since ‘Endeavour’ is set in Oxford, known for its many colleges, it is inescapable that some scenes will be filmed in and around them. The St Cross Building, located at Oxford University, is a prime example. Due to having been built sometime in the 1960s, the building’s modernist architecture is perfect for the show’s setting. Christ Church College also shows up, and movie buffs might recognize this popular shooting location from ‘Harry Potter.’ The Randolph Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Oxford and happens to have a bar that Morse often frequents. Here’s a scene from ‘Endeavour’ on location.

London, UK

Morse spends time at the Cowley Police Station, along with his colleagues. However, this place has not been filmed in Oxford. Instead, it has been shot at Enfield, London, and uses the old Southgate Town Hall. Here’s a picture of Morse inside the station, though on the show, it is portrayed to be in Oxfordshire.

Venice, Italy

Everyone’s been wondering whether ‘Endeavour’ was filmed in Venice. Well, the crew did head there for some of the establishing shots, and few scenes. However, it was a skeletal setup, and the people behind the series have clarified that they have made smart use of locations in England instead, to portray the Italian destination. Nonetheless, you can check out a post that captures some of the Venice scenes.

‘Endeavour’ has kept the filming extremely local. Of course, European projects have the ease of accessing nearby picturesque locations, but the PBS show has to keep in mind that the setting matches the period. Overall, the location scouts have done an excellent job, and Morse manages to take us on a trip into the past, every time he solves a new mystery.

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