Who is Perrin Aybara? Is He Married? What are Perrin Aybara’s Powers?

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Amazon Prime’s high fantasy series ‘The Wheel of Time’ follows the journey of five young individuals, one of whom is destined to become the Dragon Reborn. The show opens with Moiraine, a member of the magical Aes Sedai, singling out five youths, one of whom is potentially the prophesied reincarnation of the Dragon. As the vast plot of the show unfolds, each of the five characters goes through remarkable transformations into exceptionally powerful and complex individuals.

One of these five youths is Perrin Aybara, who is possibly one of the most nuanced characters of the narrative. Silent, tragic, and loyal, his journey is tumultuous and steep, and you won’t believe just how far he goes! Curious to know more about Perrin Aybara? Let’s dive into the world of ‘The Wheel of Time.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Perrin Aybara? Is He Married?

On the show, Perrin Aybara is a blacksmith from the village of Two Rivers, where he lives with his wife, Laila. Born weeks apart from his friend Rand al’Thor, Perrin is also twenty years old when first introduced and, therefore, a potential candidate for the Dragon Reborn. However, it quickly becomes apparent that his tragic journey will take a different, though equally remarkable, path.

Image Credit: Jan Thijs/ Amazon Prime Video

Soon after Moiraine’s arrival in the village, it is attacked by a horde of trollocs. In the brutal fighting that ensues, Perrin mistakenly stabs his pregnant wife, fatally injuring her. Over the coming days, he continues to have nightmares that feature his dying wife and an increasing presence of wolves, who also seem to follow him wherever he goes.

Perrin was apparently one of the most challenging characters for showrunner Rafe Judkins to map out. The reason becomes clear when we compare the on-screen character to the one in Robert Jordan’s book series of the same name on which the show is based. This is one of the most significant departures from the books for a central character.

In the books, Perrin is unmarried at the start and eventually falls in love with seventeen-year-old Zarine Bashere, who then adopts the name “Faile” (meaning “falcon”). The fiercely independent girl supports Perrin when he learns of the death of his family and convinces him to become the ruler of Two Rivers. Faile is eventually kidnapped, which starts a dark period of frustration and self-reflection in Perrin’s life that defines his character for much of the story. Though Perrin’s origin story differs wildly between the show and books, the common thread of losing his wife and the subsequent guilt he feels is present in both narratives. Once Perrin’s powers start emerging, the parallels become clearer.

What are Perrin Aybara’s Powers?

Perrin’s most defining aspect in the early parts of the show is the pack of wolves that seem to follow him constantly. After getting nightmares about them, the young man and Egwene try to outrun the wolves. However, as we learn from the books, the wolves are an integral part of Perrin’s journey, as he eventually becomes a “wolfbrother” after they accept him as one of their own. His eyes, which are so far dark brown, also turn into a glittering yellow hue that glows in the dark.

As a wolfbrother, Perrin imbibes a host of abilities, including a sense of smell that’s so strong, he can sometimes even “sniff out” human emotions. He also gets telepathic abilities that allow him to communicate with and summon wolves to battle. The changes are not just physical, as Perrin, who has a distaste for bloodshed, is constantly conflicted by his ferocious “wolf side,” which makes him a fearsome (but reluctant) warrior.

We also get a glimpse of another of Perrin’s future powers on the show when he dreams of his slain wife. Eventually, the young wolfbrother gains the ability to easily enter the World of Dreams, which is a parallel world that few can enter at will. How he will use this power in the show remains to be seen.

In the books, Perrin’s story is marked by tragedy and internal conflict as he fulfills his violent duty of supporting Rand but continues to abhor violence. He fears his wolf instincts will overtake his calm and steady approach even as he laments the loss of his wife. These themes also show up in the television series, making Perrin one of the most intriguing characters in the world of ‘The Wheel of Time.’

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