Phenomena Mid-Credits Scene, Explained

Netflix’s ‘Phenomena’ is a horror film that follows the story of three paranormal investigators. Gloria, Paz, and Sagrario work for Father Pilón, who has formed the Hepta Group to identify paranormal phenomena in Madrid and rid places of ghosts and other things that haunt them. One such case leads them to an antique shop, where the haunting turns out to be more dangerous than any of them had expected. In the end, they all have to face their inner demons before they can confront and defeat the demonic entity before them. The film ties up all loose ends with its ending, but a mid-credits scene teases something more. If you are wondering what that scene means for the future of the Hepta group, then here’s what you should know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Phenomena End Credits Scene: Who is Haunting Jesús?

After ‘Phenomena’ ends, a brief scene appears between the credits. We find Jesús alone in the bar. Everyone has gone home, and he is alone, cleaning up the place. Just as he has finished the work, a startling noise catches his attention. The glasses in front of him start dropping one after another. After two shelves have been cleared, only one glass remains. At first, Jesús is shocked by this, but as he looks at the remaining glass, his expression softens, and it seems he knows what will happen next.

There are two ways that this scene can be interpreted, and both of them involve ghosts. In the film’s final scene, Gloria, Paz, and Sagrario sat down with Gerardo, telling him what happened at the antique shop and how it relates to Sarmiento, the witch hunter. This resolves why Sarmiento was haunting the place and was keen on getting his hands on the three women.

They toast to Father Pilon, who passed away after helping Gloria defeat Sarmiento. Gerardo wonders if the Hepta group will remain operational after its founder’s death. The three women have proven that they are perfectly capable of taking on any case and solving it as long as they do it together. They also learned a critical lesson, one that was mentioned at the beginning of the film. They will always go to such places together. Whenever they were separated, things got out of hand. But when they came together, they got through even the worst stuff.

The presence of a ghost in the bar means another case for the Hepta group. Through this, the film teases us of a potential sequel, showing us that there are still a lot of hauntings that the Hepta group needs to investigate. In real life, the Hepta group worked for around three decades, tackling some of the most interesting hauntings in Spain. The filmmakers could use any of those cases for the next installment as inspiration.

There is a ghost in the bar. Now, the question is: whose ghost is it? If it’s a random ghost, we won’t know anything about it until the Hepta group takes on it, digs into its history, and brings out old skeletons before ridding the place of the ghost. However, there is a good chance that we know the ghost. Throughout the film, Sagrario mentions her husband, Carlos, who had promised to send her a sign from the other side. It was to look for this sign that she had joined the Hepta group.

When Sagrario didn’t get any sign, she became desperate and clung to it when she should have tried to move on with her life. By the end of the antique shop case, she succeeds in letting go of Carlos. At the bar, she notices Jesús and how he has changed his hair. Jesús has shown an interest in her since the beginning, and this interaction between them indicates that Sagrario is ready to welcome him into her life. This is a huge step and probably what Carlos wanted for her, so he didn’t send her any signs. Now that she and Jesús might date, Carlos might have felt protective of his wife. His breaking all the glasses was a warning to Jesús not to break Sagrario’s heart. Leaving only one glass behind was also an encouragement to pursue the relationship and make her happy.

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