Full Details About Phil Robertson’s Family

The star of ‘Duck Dynasty’ and the founder of Duck Commander comes from very humble beginnings. Born on April 24, 1946, in Vivian, Louisiana, Phil Alexander Robertson was the fifth of seven children of Merritt and James Robertson. His siblings include four brothers: Jimmy Frank Robertson, Harold Robertson, Tommy Robertson, and Silas Robertson, along with two sisters: Jude Robertson and Jan Robertson.

There was a time in his life where he lived without electricity, running water, or even a toilet, but he still had a very happy childhood because of the way he and his siblings were raised. Instead of going to the grocery store, the family used to consume the produce they grew in their garden and had the meat from the animals they raised and hunted. Even though Phil has come a long way from his beginnings, he hasn’t left his roots and still resides in Louisiana with his entire family.

Phil Robertson Wife

Phil and his wife Marsha Kay Carroway Robertson, also known as Miss Kay, were high school sweethearts, they began dating in 1964 and got married two years later on January 11, 1966. He hasn’t been shy about mentioning that he lived a quite boisterous life before he found the path of faith and religion, which, unfortunately, caused problems in his marriage.

In the book “The Women of Duck Commander” that was published in 2014, Marsha talked about how she had hoped that after college, when Phil could get away from his friends, he would be able to change his lifestyle and get better. But, that didn’t happen for years, and instead of getting better, things got worse as time went on. Phil’s drinking and his entire lifestyle even led the couple to be separated from each other for a while.

However, when he found his religious awakening and became an active member of the church, he and Marsha were able to reconnect and overcome all their obstacles. Ever since then, they have had a rock-solid marriage, and it has been going strong for more than 54 years now.

Phil Robertson Kids

Phil Robertson is the father of five children. He has four sons with his wife Marsha and a daughter from outside of marriage, whom he didn’t even know about until recently. His sons are Marshal Alan Robertson, born January 5, 1965, followed by Jason Silas “Jase” Robertson on August 16, 1969, and Willie Jess Robertson (CEO of Duck Commander) on April 22, 1972. Last but not the least, is the youngest son Jules Jeptha “Jep” Robertson, who was born on May 28, 1978.

Alan is the only member who is not a part of the family business, as he left it to become a preacher. He was also the family member who first found out about the existence of his sister. In his father’s podcast “Unashamed,” he explained how he had gotten a letter from someone who took a DNA test and thought that Phil might be her father. Although he initially dismissed it because of her date of birth, after a while, he started looking more deeply into it, just for the sake of helping her out. When DNA results confirmed that she, Phyliss, 45, is, in fact, his sister, he went ahead and told the family.

Phil’s philanderer ways were no secret, but it had to have been a shock for the family when they found out that he fathered another child by cheating on his wife. However, they have met Phyliss and have embraced the new addition to the family with open arms. As for Phil and Marsha, well, their relationship remains intact.

Phil is not just a father; he is also a grandfather and great grandfather. He has a total of 16 grandchildren from his four sons and five great-grandchildren that come from them.

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