Phill and Jackie From Squid Game Are Still Friends

Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge‘ is one show you cannot miss out on if you are a fan of ‘Squid Game.’ The reality TV series provides exciting challenges to its participants, who have to not only complete said tasks but also ensure that their connections with other cast members are in good health. In such tense situations, a friendship like that of Phill Cain (Player 451) and Jackie Gonzalez (Player 393) is something that can easily warm one’s heart. Given their on-screen dynamic, the world is now eager to know if they are still on good terms.

Phill and Jackie’s Squid Game: The Challenge Journey

Both Phill Cain and Jackie Gonzalez were part of a bigger group whose strategy seemed to be avoiding the spotlight while having each other’s back. Though they were on quite good terms with each other, these two players certainly seemed to gravitate more towards each other than others. Jackie herself was incredibly happy about how those around her were more than happy to learn more sign language and communicate with her using it.

A real testament to the friendship between Phill and Jackie could actually be seen during the task when the Top 20 players were to be selected. While Jackie was well aware of the all-women alliance that was waiting for her to save another female contestant, she decided to break the pattern and instead saved Phill. “I know we had, like, already spoken about putting the girls priority, but Phill has been my closest friend in here, and picking someone else would be… It would be betrayal,” Jackie explained her reasoning.

Once Phill stood beside her, Jackie begged her friend to save one of the remaining women. Indeed, Phill decided to honor the request that their friend made and decided to save Ashley Tolbert (Player 278). The event did solidify the friendship between Phill and Jackie, which made the latter’s elimination during the Glass Bridge game that much more heartbreaking. “I am devastated. I don’t even wanna go forward,” Phill said after Jackie was eliminated. “How could I, without my buddy? Without the one who’s been there since the start? Truly, like, one of the best people I’ve met in my life.”

Phill and Jackie’s Friendship Has Stayed Strong

As of writing, it seems like both Phill Cain and Jackie Gonzalez are indeed still friends with each other. The reality TV stars continue to follow each other on Instagram and have interacted with each other more than once through the comment section of the social media platform. Jackie has referred to Phill as her “ABSOLUTE ROCK IN THAT SUBMARINE FEVER DREAM,” while Phill responded by claiming that “AIN’T NO SQUID THAT CAN BREAK THIS BOND.”

Needless to say, the continued friendship between Phill and Jackie has warmed the hearts of many. While the two are also on good terms with several other cast members, the bond between them seems to be something special that has only blossomed more and more with the passing of time. Both of them have been supporting each other openly since the premier of the show and have captured the attention of many across the world. Given the brutal nature of the show, the fact that their friendship has stayed strong has certainly warmed many hearts.

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