Pierre Gary: Where is the Raëlian Now?

The Raëlian movement traces its origins to the visionary experiences of Claude Vorilhon, who later adopted the name Raël. In 1973, Raël proclaimed that he had encountered extraterrestrial human beings, referred to as the Elohim. Since its inception, the Raëlian movement has expanded globally, attracting individuals who resonate with its beliefs. Netflix’s documentary, ‘Raël: The Alien Prophet,’ delves into the movement’s origins, and evolution over the years, and explores the lives of individuals associated with it. Pierre Gary is one such individual whose journey and perspectives contribute to the narrative.

Pierre Gary Joined the Raëlian Movement in its Early Days

In the early days of the Raëlian Movement in France, during the mid-1970s, Pierre Gary played a significant role as one of the adherents who witnessed its nascent stages. The atmosphere during this period was marked by the fervor and curiosity surrounding Claude Vorilhon, who had started identifying as Raël. Followers like Gary were among the first to assemble, forming a community that shared a belief in Raël’s encounters with extraterrestrial beings and them being humanity’s creators. 

As the administrator of the Raëlian movement for many years, Gary likely held a crucial and multifaceted role within the organization. Administrators in religious movements often handle a range of responsibilities, including organizational management, overseeing day-to-day operations, coordinating events, and managing communications within the community. He would have likely helped in maintaining a sense of cohesion among the followers, fostering a people-driven spirit, and addressing any internal issues or concerns. He would have acted as a liaison between the leadership and the members, helping to communicate teachings, rituals, and updates. 

Talking about the movement, he said, “We’re not just any organization. We’re an organization that was set up by a messenger. contacted by aliens, with a specific goal. Our goal is to welcome this alien civilization. Our sacred purpose is to welcome our creators. It’s not just a philosophy. It’s about taking action.” The Raëlian movement advocates for the construction of an embassy to welcome extraterrestrial beings. The embassy is envisioned as a physical space where these advanced beings could land and establish contact with humanity. In the documentary, Gary emphasized the need for the embassy and the need for the funds to make this vision a reality. 

Pierre Gary Now Leads the International Arm of the Raëlian Movement

Under Pierre Gary’s leadership, the international arm of the Raëlian movement has expanded its global presence, organizing conferences and meetings worldwide to promote the movement’s beliefs. Gary’s instrumental role in spreading the teachings of Raël is evident in the movement’s established presence in Japan and Africa. By actively engaging in outreach and events, Gary contributes to the movement’s mission of disseminating its philosophy and principles on a global scale. His leadership ensures that the Raëlian Movement, or Raëlism, continues to attract followers and create a network of believers around the world.

In December 2023, the International Raëlian Movement (IRM) organized an international convention in Okinawa. They also announced the launch of a series titled ‘Rael, the Last Prophet: 50 Years of Spiritual Revolution.’ This series will explore the origin of the movement. Expressing his enthusiasm over the launch, Gary said, “The religion of infinity challenges traditional creationist and evolutionary theories, proposing instead that the universe’s infinite nature in time and space is central to understanding our existence.”

Pierre’s connection to Raëlism appears to be complemented by a profound appreciation for nature and the beauty found in the world around him. This inspiration from nature might contribute to his enthusiasm for the movement’s extraterrestrial philosophy, which often emphasizes a harmonious coexistence with the universe. Gary’s connection to the awe-inspiring aspects of the natural world may further fuel his dedication to promoting the Raëlian beliefs, blending a sense of spirituality with a deep appreciation for the wonders of the Earth and beyond.

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