Pinole Blue Shark Tank Update: Where Is Pinole Blue Now?

For a long time, Pinole has been a much-revered all-natural source of energy for athletes. Originating from the time of the Aztecs, it is still found in the staple diet of several Mexican-Indian tribes. Hence, Kate Kung-McIntyre, Eddie Sandoval, and Kyle Offut turned many heads when they presented Pinole Blue on season 13 episode 14 of ‘Shark Tank.’ A modern take on the age-old natural energy source, Pinole Blue piqued our interests, and we decided to study the company in detail. Well, here’s what we found out!

Pinole Blue: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Eddie Sandoval, the person responsible for Pinole Blue, earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Finance, with a minor in Spanish and Accounting from Wichita State University in 2017. He even studied abroad at the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico in 2016. Additionally, during his course, Eddie earned some much-needed professional experience working for reputed organizations like INTRUST Bank, Koch Supply & Trading, and Solomon Corporation, among others.

With Eddie’s family hailing from Chihuahua, Mexico, he grew up eating and drinking pinole-based food. Although his family enjoyed the natural energy source, Pinole had a relatively niche consumer base and wasn’t widely publicized. Wishing to capitalize on the goodness of the substance and its underrated status, Eddie bought half a ton of Pinole in 2017 while still studying at Wichita State College.

Using his skills and knowledge, Eddie then used the time in-between classes to make, package, and sell Pinole drink powder, which grew quite popular on the campus. Encouraged by his success, Eddie entered Wichita State’s New Venture Competition and won $10,000, which he put towards bettering his production and packaging. Later, Eddie took on Kyle Offut as a Social Media Consultant, while Kate Kung-McIntyre, Eddie’s professor from college, also decided to help him in his venture.

Where Is Pinole Blue Now?

Once the company moved from Eddie’s Dorm room to a proper production area, his customer base grew tenfold. Surprised by the positive reviews, Eddie focused on his marketing, and at present, the company is quite a popular name on the social media site, TikTok. Besides, in order to satisfy an ever-increasing customer base of varied tastes, Eddie had to expand from drink mixes and has since added Masa Mixes, Stone Ground Blue Corn Tortillas, and Blue Corn Mexican Wedding Sugar Cookies to his catalog.

Since Pinole is mainly associated with the ancient Aztec tribe, Tarahumara, Eddie wanted to help the community. Hence, they donate a part of every sale to the Tarahumara in the form of food, clothing, or other essentials. Moreover, Pinole Blue also supports the Tarahumara women artisans and provides them materials to make woven bracelets. These bracelets are then purchased by the company itself and later enclosed with each order above $25.

Pinole Blue Drink Mixes currently come in several different flavors and range between $11.50 and $21. On the other hand, an Instant Masa Mix demands a price tag of 22.99, 48 Blue Corn Tortillas will set one back by $35, and the wedding sugar cookies carry a price tag of $16.50. While interested customers can shop for Pinole Blue products on their own website and Amazon, Eddie has also managed to get his products on the shelves of some Whole Foods markets in Kansas. Thus, with Eddie now putting his heart and soul into the company, we hope success never eludes him in the years to come.

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