Where Is Pistol Black Now?

As the name suggests, Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ is a mind-boggling series that tells us the stories of murders, disappearances, and paranormal activities that remain unsolved. ’13 Minutes,’ one of the episodes in Volume 1 of this series, featured the mysterious disappearance and death of Patrice Endres. The 38-year-old owner of Tamber’s Trim ‘N Tan on Highway 369 in Cumming, Georgia, was last seen before noon on April 15, 2004, leaving behind a husband and a son, Pistol Black.

Who Is Pistol Black?

Pistol Black was just a teenager, 16-years-old when he lost his mother and his best friend. While most kids dream of having a close relationship with their parents, Pistol had that. He could talk to his mother about anything because he knew that she would always guide him in the right direction, after all, she wanted what was best for him. Their relationship was just as goofy as it was serious, and it was one that involved a lot of mutual trust and understanding.

Christmas was their thing, they celebrated the holidays with each other and made sure that they knew just how much they meant to one another. As Patricia was a hairdresser, she experimented on her son. Whether it be mohawks, or colors, or new styles, Pistol’s hair was different almost every week. And to be honest, it didn’t seem like he minded it. He liked his mother and wanted to do all that he could to help her, even in the smallest of ways.

Things changed a little when Patricia married Rob Endres. Pistol didn’t like his stepfather and his stepfather didn’t like him. According to Pistol, Rob was possessive and jealous of his relationship with his mother, so he did all that he could to bring him down. Whenever the couple used to fight because of Pistol, though, Patricia never backed down. Her son was her whole life, so when she just vanished, everyone knew something was wrong. She’d never willingly leave Pistol behind.

Where Is Pistol Now?

After Patrice went missing, Rob immediately made sure that Pistol was out of his house. He changed ever lock and sent him to Birmingham, Alabama, to stay with Patrice’s father. Soon after, Pistol’s biological dad, Don Black, got legitimate custody of his son and so he was able to move back to Georgia for good. Together, the father-son duo filed a petition for Patrice’s assets in court, but it didn’t help and Rob was named as the conservator of Patrice’s assets.

The one thing – apart from his mother’s killer still being on the loose – that eats Pistol alive is the fact that he has none of her possessions. He has nothing of hers that he can touch and see and use to remember her. All he has are the memories of her. He has now lived longer without Patrice than with her, so that obviously pains him as well. But, he is still trying his best to live life and move on. Residing in Villa Rica, Georgia, he currently works as a Master Insulation Installer at JPI LLC and is focusing on his work to cope with his loss.

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