Potty Safe on Shark Tank: Everything We Know

ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ encourages budding entrepreneurs to come forward and pitch their ideas in front of business moguls, who then decide whether they want to dismiss the business plan or bite into a piece of the action. The series has remained entertaining over the seasons, due to the passion of the entrants and the innovation displayed. In Shark Tank season 11 episode 22, we are introduced to four companies. One of them is Potty Safe. Here’s everything we know about the company and its products.

Potty Safe: Who Are They?

Potty Safe is the brainchild of Colt and Stacy Hall, a couple from Exeter. The idea came to them after the birth of their first child, Emma. While potty training their daughter, they realized that she liked to show off her accomplishments by carrying the bowl, and liked to help them dump the waste. As a result, she often ended up spilling the contents on herself and the floor. Since it was easy for her to remove the bowl, there wasn’t any practical way to stop her, and despite being loving parents, cleaning up after Emma got real tiring real quick. The Halls also did not like any of the products on the market. Since nothing met their specific requirements, they realized that the product simply did not exist.

The resourceful couple ended up taking matters into their own hands and coming out with the first childproof potty training chair. Check out their product below.

Since the invention of Potty Safe, the couple has potty trained their younger son, Ty, in a hassle-free manner. Therefore, one might say that it is a tested product. Now, the Halls are eager to share their invention with other moms and dads to make potty training easy, and a lot less messy.

Although the couple was initially put off by the tooling cost quoted by the manufacturers, they decided to mortgage their house and go through with it. In March 2019, Potty Safe was a part of the World’s Largest Baby Shower event in Springdale, Arkansas, and proceeded to gain recognition in June. The company was invited to attend the Wal-Mart Open Call Summit in June 2019.

Potty Safe: What Do They Do?

Potty Safe has come out with the first childproof potty training chair. The chair features a patented childproof latch which manages to secure the waste bowl to the base. As a result, the children cannot remove the bowl, which in turn prevents them from making a mess. However, the innovative latch does not cause any hindrance to adults who try to remove the bowl to clean it. Besides, the Potty Safe product features a built-in splash guard and non-slip feet.

The official site communicates what parents must go through during potty training. Since the Halls are parents themselves, there is a great deal of reliability and personal experiences that have inspired the creation of Potty Safe. The couple says on the site, “We understand just how stressful potty training can be and are excited to help alleviate some of this stress for you! It is full of ups and downs with days that just don’t have enough time in them. Just imagine potty training with no unnecessary spills and less time cleaning up messes that shouldn’t have happened! It’s almost like time in a bottle (but in the shape of a potty!).” Check out a picture of the Halls pitching their product on ‘Shark Tank.’ You can check more details about the company here.

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