Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: Land of Lies

Power Book II: Ghost’ is the second entry in the sprawling ‘Power’ franchise. The narrative follows Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.), who kills his father, James St. Patrick, toward the end of the original series. Tariq’s mother takes the blame so her son can have a normal life. But legacy is a hard thing to escape. Soon, Tariq is forced to sell drugs on his university’s campus.

In season 3 episode 6, titled ‘Land of Lies,’ the Tejada family deals with the aftermath of Lorenzo’s death. Dru starts a war, Cane has the inclination of what really happened, and Diana ends things with her boyfriend after he makes disparaging, albeit truthful, remarks about her family. Elsewhere, having learned that Effie tried to kill Lauren and Brayden knew about it, Tariq begins to question who he can trust. Here is everything you might want to know about the ending of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ season 3 episode 6. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

The episode begins with three Tejada siblings immersed in their lives until they each receive a call from their mother, letting them know what happened to their father. Tariq, in his room at Stansfield, learns about it when Effie reads out a news bite for him on her phone. She can sense something is wrong but can’t figure out what it is. She wonders if Tariq seems distant because he had something to do with Lorenzo’s death, but he immediately dismisses the notion.

Cooper Saxe lets Davis MacLean know what happened to the patriarch of the Tejada family. As surprised as Davis is by the news, he can’t deny that he wasn’t expecting it. After all, it was based on the information he provided that Monet began suspecting Lorenzo of Zeke’s death. Davis asks Saxe if he has anyone in the governor’s office for the commutation of his brother’s sentence. For this purpose, Saxe later speaks to Rashad Tate, who agrees under one condition: Davis will launch an attack on Rashad’s political opponent. Saxe later meets Sullivan, who forces him back into compliance by threatening to reveal to Davis that he is her CI.

Meanwhile, Tariq confronts Brayden about what happened to Lauren, and the two friends start fighting. Brayden eventually reveals the truth, admitting that he was taking Lauren away from the city just as Tariq instructed, but then Effie showed up and took Lauren away. This prompts Tariq to confront Effie. He takes her on a drive to the very spot where Effie thinks she killed Lauren. On their way, the two talk about the things they haven’t yet told each other. Tariq speaks about his father, while Effie reveals that she was sexually abused by the man who is now her stepfather.

As horrifying and traumatizing as that must have been, that wasn’t the confession Tariq was looking for. He leaves Effie there and travels back to the city. When he cuts both Brayden and Effie out of their drug business, Cane confronts Tariq, reminding him that they all now work for someone as vicious as Noma.

Cane later calls Brayden over to give his father’s insurance policy to invest in Weston Holdings. When Brayden tries to convince Cane to invest money from more dubious sources into his family firm, he is told that he must take care of the issue with Tariq first. Afterward, Brayden locks Tariq out of Weston properties, forcing his best friend to have another conversation with him and reach a tentative peace.

Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 6 Ending: Do Tariq and Effie Break Up?

Yes, Tariq and Effie break up in season episode 6 of ‘Power Book II: Ghost.’ For all the flaws Tariq has a character, he seems to hold loyalty in high regard. That’s one of the reasons his relationship with Brayden seems so strong. Time and again, they demonstrate the extent they are willing to go for each other. Ironically, the entire mess with Lauren is a similar situation. Brayden and Effie did what they did earnestly believing they were doing it for Tariq. Effie knew that Tariq couldn’t kill Lauren, and someone had to step up. Brayden is loyal but not a killer. That left only her. A part of Tariq knows all this as well. What he can’t forgive is all the secrecy.

In this episode, Tariq is grabbed by Obi and his men and taken to their hideout. They find drugs in his backpack, implying that he is telling the truth about going to distribute the product. But as we later learn, Tariq was planning to leave it all behind and vanish with his family. The drugs were there as a backup plan. Afterward, he tells his grandmother that he will ensure she joins his mother and sister, but he can’t be with them yet.

Following the dissolution of his relationship with Effie, Tariq sleeps with Diana, whose relationship with Salim has ended as well. After Effie learns about this, she decides to take down his fledgling drug empire, but Cane advises her against it, knowing that it will put all of their lives in jeopardy.

Has Cane Figured out that Monet is Responsible for Lorenzo’s Death?

Dru might be the chosen successor of both their parents, but Cane continues to demonstrate that despite his volatility, he is dangerously intelligent and capable of seeing things as they are. After Zeke’s death, he is the first person in the family to figure out Lorenzo is responsible. Following Lorenzo’s death, while Dru starts a war with the Russians, believing them to be responsible, and Diana is overwhelmed with her grief, Cane seems to have formed a rough idea about what really happened to their father.

Cane knows his mother and what she is capable of. Even though he is not completely certain about his mother’s involvement in his father’s death, he has the inclination that she has something to do with it. In time, his siblings will know as well, and as Lorenzo’s apparition tells Monet, they will never forgive her for what she did.

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